Formulary Listing

Drugs or products not included on this list will be considered to be non-formulary.

Please Select one of the following to be taken to those drugs beginning with the letter.........

0-9 - A - B - C - D - E

5-flucytosine Hospital only  
Abacavir Hospital only BNF 5
Abacavir + lamivudine Hospital only BNF 5
Abacavir + lamivudine +zidovudine Hospital only BNF 5
Abasaglar® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Abatacept Hospital only BNF 10.1.3
Abciximab Hospital only BNF 2.9
Abelcet® se Amphotericin IV BNF 5
Abidec® Formulary BNF 9.6.7
Abiraterone acetate Hospital only BNF
Able Spacer® Formulary BNF 3.1.5
Able Spacer® with facemask Formulary BNF 3.1.5
Acamprosate Formulary BNF 4.10
Acarbose Formulary BNF
Accrete D3® Formulary BNF 9.6.4
Accu-Check® Aviva expert Formulary Not available on FP10 script - see BNF 6.1.6
Accu-Check® Mobile Formulary Not available on FP10 script - see BNF 6.1.6
Accuhaler® Formulary BNF 3.1, BNF 3.2
Acenocoumarol Formulary BNF 2.8.2
Acetaminophen see Paracetamol  
Acetazolamide (injection) Hospital only BNF 11.6
Acetazolamide (oral) Formulary BNF 11.6
Acetylcholine chloride (eye) Hospital only BNF 11.8.1
Acetylcysteine + hypromellose (eye) Formulary BNF 11.8.1
Acetylcysteine Respiratory specialist initiation then suitable for prescribing in primary care BNF 3
Aciclovir Formulary BNF 5
Aciclovir (eye) Formulary BNF 11.3.3
Aciclovir (topical) Formulary BNF 13.10.4
Acitretin capsules Hospital only BNF 13.5.3
Aclidinium bromide Formulary BNF 3.1.2
Aclidinium bromide + formoterol fumarate (Duaklir Genuair inhaler) Formulary BNF 3.1.4
Actico® Formulary Wound care formulary
Acticoat® Formulary (specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Activheal® hydrogel Formulary Wound care formulary
Actrapid® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Adalimumab Restricted/ Specialist Prescribing Only BNF 1.5.3
Adalimumab (rheumatology) Hospital only BNF 10.1.3
Adalimumab (eye) Hospital only BNF 11.4.2
Adalimumab (dermatology) Hospital only BNF 13.5.3
Adapalene 0.1% (skin) Formulary BNF 13.6.1
Adapalene + benzoyl peroxide(skin) Formulary BNF 13.6.1
Adcal® Formulary BNF
Adcal D3® Formulary BNF 9.6.4
Adcortyl® injection Formulary BNF 10.1.2
Addiphos® Formulary BNF 9.3
Additrace® Formulary BNF 9.3
Adefovir Hospital only BNF 5
Adenosine Hospital only BNF 2.3.2
Adizem® (diltiazem) Formulary BNF 2.6.2
Adrenaline injection Formulary BNF 2.7.3,
Adrenaline autoinjector Formulary BNF 3.4.3 prescribed as preferred brand
Advadraw® Formulary (specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Advadraw® spiral Formulary (specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Advagraf® (tacrolimus) Formulary BNF 8.2.2
Advantage Plus® test strips Formulary  
AeroChamber Plus® Formulary BNF 3.1.5
AeroChamber Plus® with face mask Formulary BNF 3.1.5
Afatinib NICE approved see NICE TA310
Aflibercept Hospital only BNF 11.8.2
AgaMatrix Ultra-thin lancets Formulary BNF
Airomir® products Formulary BNF 3.1
Aknemycin Plus® Formulary BNF 13.6.1
Albumin Hospital only BNF, not a pharmacy product but used within the hospital
Alclometasone 0.05% (skin) Formulary BNF 13.4
Aldioxa 0.22% chloroxylenol 0.5% Formulary BNF 13.12
Alemtuzumab NICE approved BNF 8.2.3
Alendronate sodium Formulary BNF 6.6.2
Alendronic acid (oral) Formulary BNF 6.6.2
Alfacalcidol Formulary BNF 9.6.4
Alfentanil Hospital & palliative care use only BNF
Alfuzosin hydrochloride Formulary BNF 7.4.1
Alimemazine Specialist/hospital initiation then suitable for prescribing in primary care BNF 3.4.1
Alirocumab  NICE TA393 BNF 2.12
Aliskiren Formulary BNF
Alitretinoin Hospital only BNF 13.5.2
Allopurinol Formulary BNF 10.1.4
Alogliptin Formulary BNF
Alpha tocopheryl acetate Formulary BNF 9.6.5
Alphaderm® Formulary BNF 13.4
Alphosyl 2 in 1® shampoo Formulary  
Alprostadil (Caverject®) Formulary BNF 7.4.5
Alprostadil (Muse®) Formulary BNF 7.4.5
Alprostadil for ductus arteriosus Hospital only BNF
Alteplase Hospital only BNF 2.10
Altraplen Compact® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Altraplen Protein® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Aluminium acetate (ear) Formulary BNF 12.1.1
Aluminium chloride hexahydrate 20% in alcoholic base Formulary  
Alverine citrate Formulary BNF 1.2
Amethocaine (tetracaine) minims Formulary BNF 11.7
Ametop® (amethocaine) Formulary BNF 15.2
Amfebutamone - see Bupropion    
Amikacin Hospital only BNF 5
Amiloride Formulary BNF 2.2.3
Aminophylline (Brand name only) Formulary BNF 3.1.3
Amiodarone Formulary BNF 2.3.2
Amisulpride Formulary BNF 4.2.1
Amitriptyline (neuropathic pain) Formulary BNF 4.7.3
Amitripytline Formulary BNF 4.3.1
Amlodipine Formulary  
Amorolfine (skin) Formulary  
Amoxicillin Formulary BNF 5
Amphotericin (mouth) Formulary BNF 5
Amphotericin IV Hospital only BNF 5
Amphotericin, liposomal Hospital only BNF 5
Amprenavir Hospital only  
Amsacrine Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Aymes Complete® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Aymes Shake® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Anabact® gel Formulary  
Anagrelide Hospital only BNF 9.1.3
Anapen®  Formulary BNF 3.4.2
Anastrozole Formulary BNF
Anhydrol Forte® Formulary BNF 13.12
Anoheal® (diltiazem 2% cream) Formulary BNF 1.7.4
Anoro Ellipta® inhaler (umeclidinium + vilanterol) Formulary BNF 3.1.4
Antacid & oxetacaine suspension Restricted/ Specialist Prescribing Only BNF 1.1.1
Antazoline + xylometazoline (eye) Formulary BNF 11.4.2
Anthelios XL® Formulary BNF 13.8.1
Anthrax vaccine Hospital only  
Anti-D immunoglobulin Formulary  
Anusol® Formulary BNF 1.7.1
Anusol HC® Formulary BNF 1.7.2
Apidra® (insulin glulisine) Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Apixaban Formulary BNF 2.8.2
Apomorphine Formulary - Shared Care BNF 4.9.1
Appeel No Sting® Formulary (specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Apraclonidine (eye) Hospital only BNF 11.8.2
Apremilast Hospital only BNF 13.5.3
Aprepitant Hospital only BNF 4.6
Aquasept® Hospital only  
Aqueous cream Formulary BNF 13.2.1
Aqueous iodine oral solution Hospital only BNF 6.2.2
Arachis oil enema Hospital only BNF 1.6.3
Argatroban Hospital only BNF 2.8.1
Argipressin Hospital only BNF 6.5.2
Aripiprazole Formulary BNF 4.2.1
Ascorbic acid Formulary BNF 9.6.2
Ascorbic acid tablets Formulary  
Aspirin soluble Formulary BNF 2.9
Atazanavir Hospital only BNF 5
Atenolol Formulary BNF 2.4
Atezolizumab   Specialist/Hospital only BNF 8.1.5

Specialist use only Paediatrics - shared care agreement 

BNF 4.4
Atorvastatin Formulary BNF 2.12
Atosiban Hospital only BNF 7.1.3
Atovaquone Hospital only BNF 5
Atovaquone & proguanil (Malarone®) Hospital only BNF 5
Atracurium besilate Hospital only  
Atrauman® Formulary Wound care formulary
Atripla® Hospital only BNF 5
Atropine sulphate (anaesthesia) Hospital only  
Atropine sulphate (eye) Formulary BNF 11.5
Aurothiomalate Formulary BNF 10.1.3
Aveeno® cream Formulary BNF 13.2.1
Aviva® test stips  Formulary BNF 6.1.6 
Azacitidine Hospital only BNF 8.1.3
Azarga® (brinzolamide + timolol) Formulary BNF 11.6
Azathioprine Formulary - Shared Care

BNF 8.2.1, BNF 10.1.3

Azelaic acid 20% cream Formulary  
Azelastine (eye) Formulary BNF 11.4.2
Azelastine (nose) Formulary BNF 12.2.1
Azithromycin Formulary BNF 5
Aztreonam Hospital only BNF 5
Bacillus Calmette-Guerin bladder instillation Hospital only BNF 8.2.4
Baclofen Formulary BNF 10.2.2
Bactroban Nasal® Formulary BNF 12.2.3
Bactroban® Formulary  
Balance Active® lactic acid pessaries Formulary BNF 7.2.2 Not routinely stocked by hospital pharmacy
Balance Active® vaginal gel Formulary BNF 7.2.2
Balneum Plus®  Formulary  
Balsalazide Formulary BNF 1.5.1 - Only initiated by a specialist
Baricitinib  Hospital only NICE TA466
Basiliximab Hospital only BNF 8.2.2
BCG vaccine Formulary  
B-D Lancer Formulary  
BD Micro-Fine+®  Formulary BNF needles
BD Micro-Fine Ultra® Formulary BNF needles
BD Safe-clip® Formulary BNF
BD SafetyGlide syringe with permanently attached needle Formulary BNF
Beclometasone (inhaled) Formulary BNF 3.2
Beclomethasone (nose) Formulary BNF 12.2.1
Beclometasone + formoterol (inhaled) Formulary BNF 3.2
Bee and wasp allergen extracts Specialist Centre Only see NICE TA246
Bendamustine Hospital only BNF 8.1.1
Bendroflumethiazide Formulary BNF 2.2.1
Benoxinate - see Oxybuprocaine    
Benzathine benzylpenicillin Hospital only  
Benzhexol hydrochloride Formulary See Trihexyphenidyl hydrochloride
Benzoin tincture, compund Hospital only BNF 3.8
Benzoyl peroxide (skin) Formulary BNF 13.6
Benzoyl peroxide + clindamycin 1% (skin) Formulary BNF 13.6
Benzydamine (mouth) Formulary BNF 12.3.1
Benzylpenicillin injection Formulary BNF 5
Betacap® Formulary  
Betahistine Formulary BNF 4.6
Betamethasone (eye) Formulary BNF 11.4.1
Betamethasone (oral) Formulary BNF 6.3.2
Betamethasone 0.025% (skin) Formulary  
Betamethasone 0.05% + clotrimazole 1% (skin) Formulary  
Betamethasone 0.05% + salicylic acid 3% (skin) Formulary  
Betamethasone 0.1% + clioquinol 3% (skin) Formulary  
Betamethasone 0.1% + fusidic acid 2% (skin) Formulary  
Betamethasone sodium phosphate (ear/nose) Formulary BNF 12.1.1
Betamethasone valerate 0.1% (skin) Formulary  
Betamethasone valerate 0.1% scalp Formulary  
Betamethasone valerate 0.12% scalp Formulary  
Betaxolol (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Betnesol-N® Formulary BNF 12.1.1
Betnovate RD® Formulary  
Betnovate® Formulary Generic betametasone is a formulary item
Bettamousse® Formulary  
Bicalutamide Formulary - Shared Care BNF
Bicarbonate (intravenous) Hospital only  
Bimatoprost (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Bio-Melatonin Formulary BNF 4.1.1 [Unlicensed]
BIOTÈNE ORAL BALANCE® Hospital only BNF 12.3.5
BIPP Hospital only BNF 12.2.3
Bisacodyl Formulary BNF 1.6.2
Bismuth subnitrate and iodoform paste Hospital only BNF 12.2.3
Bisoprolol Formulary BNF 2.4
Bivalirudin Hospital only BNF 2.8.1
Bleomycin Hospital only BNF 8.1.1
Blinatumomab  Specialist/ Hospital prescribing only BNF 8.2.3
Boceprevir Hospital only BNF 5 see NICE TA253
Bortezomib Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Bosutinib Specialist/hospital prescribing only  BNF 8.1.5
Botulinum toxin type A Hospital only BNF 4.9.3
Botulinum toxin type B Hospital only BNF 4.9.3 & BNF 4.7.4
Botulism antitoxin Hospital only  
Brentuximab vedotin   Specialist/ Hospital prescribing only BNF 8.1.5 
Brimonidine (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Brinzolamide + Brimonidine Formulary BNF 11.6
Brinzolamide (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Brivaracetam oral For initiation by neurologist and continuation in primary care with RICaD BNF 4.8.1
Brodalumab Specialist/Hospital prescribing only BNF 13.5.3
Bromfenac Hospital only BNF 11.8.2
Bromocriptine Formulary BNF 4.9.1, BNF 6.7.1
Budesonide (inhaled) Formulary BNF 3.2
Budesonide (oral) Formulary BNF 1.5
Budesonide + formoterol (inhaled) Formulary  
Bug Buster Kit Formulary  
Bumetanide Formulary BNF 2.2.2
Buprenorphine patch (brand name only) Formulary BNF 4.7.2 prescribe as preferred brand
Buprenorphine (Subutex®) Specialist only BNF 4.10.3
Buprenorphine sublingual Formulary BNF 4.7.2
Bupropion Formulary BNF 4.10.2
Buserelin injection Hospital only BNF
Buserelin nasal spray Hospital only BNF 6.7.2
Busulfan Hospital only BNF 8.1.1
Busulphan Hospital only BNF 8.1.1
C1-esterase inhibitor Hospital only BNF 3.4.3
C1 inhibitor Hospital only BNF 3.4.3
Cabazitaxel  Specialist/ hospital prescribing only BNF 8.1.5
Cabergoline Formulary BNF 4.9.1, BNF 6.7.1
Cabozantinib  Hospital only NICE TA463
Caffeine (injection) Hospital only  
Calamine aqueous cream Formulary  
Calamine lotion Formulary  
Calcichew Forte® Formulary BNF
Calcichew-D3® chewable tablet Formulary BNF 9.6.4
Calcipotriol (topical) Formulary  
Calcipotriol + betamethasone (topical) Formulary  
Calcitonin (salmon) Hospital only BNF 6.6.1
Calcitriol (skin) Formulary  
Calcium and ergocalciferol (oral) Formulary BNF 9.6.4 prescribe as preferred brand
Calcium acetate (oral) Formulary BNF
Calcium chloride injection 75mg/ml Hospital only  
Calcium folinate Hospital only BNF 8.1
Calcium gluconate injection 10% Hospital only BNF
Calcium levofolinate Formulary  
Calcium polystryrene sulphonate Hospital only BNF
Calcium Resonium® Hospital only BNF
Calfovit D3® sachet Formulary BNF 9.6.4
Calmurid®  Formulary  
Calogen® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Calogen Extra® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Canagliflozin Formulary BNF 6.1.2
Candesartan Formulary BNF
Canesten HC® Formulary BNF 13.4
Capasal® shampoo Formulary  
Capecitabine Hospital only BNF 8.1.3
Capreomycin Hospital only BNF 5
Capsaicin 0.025% cream Formulary BNF 10.3.2
Capsaicin 0.075% cream Formulary BNF 10.3.2
Capsaicin 8% patch Hospital only BNF 10.3.2
Captopril Formulary (children only) BNF
Carbamazepine (epilepsy) Formulary BNF 4.8.1
Carbamazepine (mania) Formulary BNF 4.2.3
Carbamazepine (neuropathic pain) Formulary BNF 4.7.3
Carbamazepine (trigeminal neuralgia) Formulary BNF 4.7.3
Carbidopa with entacapone and levodopa (Stanek®) Formulary BNF 4.9.1
Carbimazole Formulary BNF 6.2.2
Carbocisteine Formulary BNF 3.7
Carbomer 974P 0.25% gel Formulary BNF 11.8.1
Carbomer 980 0.2% liquid gel Formulary BNF 11.8.1
Carboplatin Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Carboprost Hospital only BNF 7.1.1
Carfifilzomib injection Hospital only NICE TA457
Carmellose sodium 0.5% eye drops Formulary BNF 11.8.1
Carmellose sodium 1% eye drops Formulary BNF 11.8.1
Carmustine Hospital only BNF 8.1.1
Carnitine Formulary BNF 9.8.1
Carvedilol Formulary BNF 2.4
Caspofungin Hospital only BNF 5
Caverject® Dual Chamber Formulary BNF 7.4.5
Cavilon® Primary care only Community service & hospital to use Secura D®
Ceanel Concentrate® Formulary  
Cefalexin Formulary BNF 5
Cefixime Formulary BNF 5
Cefotaxime Formulary BNF 5
Ceftazidime Hospital only BNF 5
Ceftriaxone Formulary BNF 5
Cefuroxime Hospital only BNF 5
Cefuroxime, intracameral Hospital only BNF 11.8.2 [Unlicensed use]
Cefuroxime axetil Hospital only BNF 5.1
Cellona® Formulary Wound care formulary
Cerelle®  Formulary BNF
Ceritinib Specialist/ hospital prescribing only BNF 8.1.5
Certolizumab Hospital only BNF 10.1.3
Cetirizine Formulary BNF 3.4.1
Cetuximab Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Chloral hydrate Hospital only BNF 4.1.1
Chlorambucil Hospital only BNF 8.1.1
Chloramphenicol Hospital only BNF 5
Chloramphenicol (eye) Formulary BNF 11.3.1
Chlordiazepoxide Formulary BNF 4.1.2
Chlordiazepoxide (alcohol dependence) Formulary BNF 4.10
Chlorhexidine (mouth) Formulary BNF 12.3.4
Chlorhexidine + neomycin nasal cream Formulary BNF 12.2.3
Chlorhexidine gluconate 0.05%, sterile pink Formulary  
Chlorhexidine gluconate 2.5%, alcoholic Formulary  
Chlorhexidine gluconate 4% Formulary  
Chlorhexidine gluconate 5% aqueous, pink perfumed Formulary  
Chlorhexidine Uro-Tainer® Formulary  
Chloroquine (malaria) Formulary BNF 5
Chloroquine (rheumatology) Formulary BNF 10.1.3
Chlorphenamine Formulary BNF 3.4.1
Chlorpromazine Formulary BNF 4.2.1
Chlortalidone Formulary BNF 2.2.1
Cholera vaccine Formulary  
Cholestyramine Formulary BNF 1.9.2, BNF 2.12
Choline salicylate dental gel Formulary BNF 12.3.1
Chondroitin sulphate bladder irrigation  Specialist/ Hospital prescribing only  BNF 7.4.4
Chorionic gonadotrophin Hospital only BNF 6.5.1
Ciclosporin (eye preparations) Formulary BNF 11.4.2
Ciclosporin (oral) Specialist/Hospital prescribing only BNF 8.2.2 , BNF 10.1.3
Cilique® Formulary BNF 7.3.1
Cilostazol Formulary BNF 2.6.4
Cinnarizine Formulary BNF 4.6
Ciprofloxacin (eye) Hospital only BNF 11.3.1
Ciprofloxacin Formulary BNF 5
Cisplatin Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Citalopram Formulary BNF 4.3.3
Cladribine Hospital only BNF 8.1.3
Clarithromycin Hospital only BNF 5
Clarithromycin (H.pylori eradication) Formulary BNF 1.3.5
Cleen® Ready-to-Use enema Formulary BNF 1.6.4 
Clenil® Formulary BNF 3.2
Climesse® Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Clindamycin (oral high dose) Formulary BNF 5
Clindamycin 1% topical solution Formulary  
Clindamycin cream 2% Formulary BNF 7.2.2
Clindamycin injection Hospital only BNF 5
Clinipore® Formulary Wound care formulary
Clinisorb® Formulary Wound care formulary
Clinitas® gel Formulary BNF 11.8.1
Clobazam Formulary BNF 4.8.1
Clobetasol propionate 0.05% (skin) Formulary  
Clobetasol propionate 0.05% + neomycin + nystatin (skin) Formulary  
Clobetasone butyrate 0.05% (skin) Formulary  
Clobetasone butyrate 0.05% + nystatin + oxytetracycline (skin) Formulary  
Clomifene citrate Hospital only BNF 6.5.1
Clomipramine Formulary BNF 4.3.1
Clonazepam Formulary BNF 4.8.1
Clonidine hydrochloride injection Hospital only In accordance with RWT Integrated Critical Care Unit guideline
Clopidogrel Formulary  
Clotrimazole (ear) Formulary BNF 12.1.1
Clotrimazole 1% (skin) Formulary  
Clotrimazole pessary Formulary BNF 7.2.2
Clotrimazole vaginal cream 10% Formulary BNF 7.2.2
Clozapine (as Clozaril®) Hospital only BNF 4.2.1
Coal tar 2% and salicylic acid 2% ointment Formulary  
Coal tar extract 1% cream Formulary  
Coal tar extract 2% shampoo Formulary  
Co-amoxiclav Formulary BNF 5
Co-beneldopa Formulary BNF 4.9.1
Co-careldopa Formulary BNF 4.9.1
Cocis® scalp ointment Formulary  
Coconut, anise & ylang ylang spray Formulary BNF 13.10.4
Co-cyprindiol tablets Formulary  
Co-danthramer Formulary BNF 1.6.2
Co-danthusate Formulary BNF 1.6.2
Codeine phosphate Formulary BNF 1.4.2, BNF 4.6
Colchicine Formulary BNF 10.1.4
Colecalciferol 800unit capsules (Fultium D3) & tablets (Desunin®) Formulary BNF 9.6.4
Colecalciferol 300,000 unit injection Formulary BNF 9.6.4
Colestyramine Formulary BNF 1.9.2, BNF 2.12
Colistimethate sodium for inhalation NICE approved see NICE Technology Appraisal 276
Colistin Hospital only BNF 5
Collagenase clostridium histolyticum injection Hospital only NICE TA459
Co-magaldrox Formulary  
Combigan® Formulary BNF 11.6
Combodart® (tamsulosin + dutasteride oral) Formulary BNF 7.4.1
Comfigrip® Formulary Wound care formulary
Complan® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Complan Shake® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Condyline® Formulary  
Conotrane®  Formulary  
Contour Next Link® Formulary Not available on FP10 - see BNF 6.1.6
Contour Next® test strips Formulary BNF 6.1.6
Corsodyl®  Formulary  
Cortisone acetate (oral) Formulary BNF 6.3.2
Cosmofer® Formulary  
Cosopt® Formulary BNF 11.6
Co-trimoxazole Formulary BNF 5
Creon®  Formulary BNF 1.9.4
Crizotinib Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Crotamiton  Formulary  
Crotamiton + hydrocortisone Formulary  
Curatoderm® Formulary  
Cutimed Sorbact® Formulary (specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Cyanocobalamin tablets Formulary BNF 9.1.2
Cyclizine Formulary BNF 4.6
Cyclogest® Specialist/ Hospital prescribing only BNF
Cyclopentolate (eye) Formulary BNF 11.5
Cyclophosphamide Hospital only BNF 8.1.1 , BNF 10.1.3
Cycloserine Hospital only BNF 5
Cyproterone acetate (acne) Formulary  
Cyproterone acetate (cancer) Formulary BNF
Cytarabine Hospital only BNF 8.1.3
Dabigatran Formulary BNF 2.8.2
Dabrafenib Hospital only see NICE TA 321
Daclizumab Specialist/ Hospital prescribing only BNF 8.2.4
Daktacort® Formulary  
Dalacin® 1% topical solution Formulary  
Dalivit® Formulary BNF 9.6.7
Dalteparin sodium Hospital only BNF 2.8.1
Danaparoid sodium Hospital only BNF 2.8.1
Danazol Formulary BNF 6.7.2
Danthron Formulary BNF 1.6.2
Dantrolene sodium (oral) Formulary BNF 10.2.2
Dantron Formulary BNF 1.6.2
Dapagliflozin Formulary see NICE TA 288
Dapoxetine  Formulary BNF 7.4.6
Dapsone Hospital only BNF 5
Daptomycin Hospital only BNF 5
Darbopoetin alfa Hospital only BNF 9.1.3
Darunavir Hospital only BNF 5
Dasatinib Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Daylette®  Formulary BNF 7.3.1
Debrisoft® Formulary Wound care formulary
Deferasirox Hospital only BNF 9.1.3
Deferiprone Hospital only BNF 9.1.3
Degarelix Hospital only BNF 8.3.4
Demeclocycline hydrochloride Formulary BNF 5
Denosumab - osteoporosis Formulary - Shared Care BNF 6.6.2
Denosumab - bone metastases Hospital only BNF 6.6.2
Depo-Medrone® Formulary BNF 10.1.2
Depo-Provera® Formulary  
Dermatonics Once Heel Balm®  Formulary BNF 13.2.1
Dermovate® Formulary  
Desferrioxamine Hospital only BNF 9.1.3
Desmopressin Formulary BNF 6.5.2
Desmopressin (nocturnal enuresis) Formulary  
Desunin® Formulary BNF 9.6.4
Dexametasone (oral & injection) Formulary BNF 6.3.2
Dexamethasone (eye drops) Formulary BNF 11.4.1
Dexamethasone (intravitreal) Hospital only BNF 11.4.1
Dexamfetamine sulfate Specialist use only Paediatrics - shared care agreement BNF 4.4
Dextran 40® Hospital only BNF
Dextran 70® Hospital only BNF
Diamorphine Formulary BNF 4.7.2
Diastix® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Diazepam Formulary BNF 4.1.2
Diazepam (anaesthesia) Hospital only  
Diazepam rectal Formulary BNF 4.8.2
Diazoxide Hospital only BNF 2.5.1, BNF 6.1.4
Diclofenac sodium (short course) Formulary BNF 10.1.1
Diclofenac (anasesthesia) Hospital only  
Diclofenac sodium (eye) Hospital only BNF 11.8.2
Diclofenac sodium 3% gel Formulary  
Dicycloverine hydrochloride Formulary BNF 1.2
Didanosine Hospital only BNF 5
Diethylamine salicylate 10% cream Formulary BNF 10.3.2 Not routinely stocked by RWHT
Diethylstilboestrol Formulary BNF 8.3.1
Differin® Formulary  
Difluocortolone valerate 0.3% (skin) Formulary  
Digoxin Formulary BNF 2.1.1
Dihydrocodeine Formulary BNF 4.7.2
Diltiazem oral - prescribed by brand name Formulary BNF 2.6.2
Diltiazem 2% cream Formulary BNF 1.7.4
Dimethicone 4% lotion Formulary BNF 13.10.4
Dimethyl fumarate - Tecfidera® Hospital only See NICE TA 320
Dimethyl fumarate - Skilarence® Specialist/ hospital only See NICE TA475
Dinoprostone Hospital only BNF 7.1.1
Dioralyte Relief® Formulary BNF
Diphtheria antitoxin Hospital only  
Diprobase®  Formulary BNF 13.1
Diprosalic® Formulary  
Dipyridamole Formulary BNF 2.9
Dipyridamole with aspirin Formulary BNF 2.9
Disodium pamidronate Hospital only BNF 6.6.2
Disopyramide Formulary BNF 2.3.2
Dithranol cream Formulary  
Dithrocream® Formulary  
Dobutamine Hospital only BNF 2.7.1
Docetaxel Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Docusate sodium Formulary BNF 1.6.2
Domperidone Formulary BNF 4.6
Donepezil hydrochloride Formulary - Shared Care BNF 4.11
Dopamine Hospital only BNF 2.7.1
Dopexamine Hospital only BNF 2.7.1
Dornase alfa Specialist/Hospital Prescribing Only BNF 3.7
Dorzolamide (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Dosulepin Hospital only BNF 4.3.1 Prescribed by Specialist
Dovobet® Formulary  
Dovonex® Formulary BNF 13.5.2
Doxapram Hospital only BNF 3.5.1
Doxazosin Formulary BNF 2.5.4
Doxorubicin Hospital only BNF 8.1.2
Doxycycline Formulary BNF 5
Dressit® Primary care only Community and hospital service to use Softdrape®
Driclor® Formulary  
Dronedarone Formulary - Shared Care BNF 2.3.2
DTaP-IPV Formulary  
dTaP-IPV Formulary  
DTaP-IPV-Hib Formulary  
dT-IPV Formulary  
Duac® Once Daily gel Formulary  
Duaklir® Genuair inhaler (aclidinium + formoterol) Formulary BNF 3.1.4
Dulaglutide Formulary BNF
Duloxetine Formulary BNF 4.3.4, BNF 6.1.5, BNF 7.4.2
Duoderm Extra Thin® Formulary Wound care formulary
Duofilm® Formulary Wound care formulary
Duotrav® eye drops Formulary 3rd line
Dupilumab   Specialist/Hospital only  
Dutasteride Formulary BNF 6.4.2, BNF 7.4.1
Dydrogesterone Formulary BNF Combination products only
Easifix K® Formulary Wound care formulary
Econazole (vaginal preps) Formulary BNF 7.2.2
Edoxaban Formulary BNF 2.8.2
Efavirenz Hospital only BNF 5
Eflornithine 11.5% cream Formulary Only under guidance of a Consultant Dermatologist or Endocrinologist
Elbasvir–grazoprevir Hospital only BNF 5
EllaOne® Formulary - restricted use BNF 7.3.4 Reserve for women presenting 72-120 hours after unprotected intercourse
Elleste Duet Conti® Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Elleste-Duet® Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Elleste-Solo® Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Elocon® Formulary  
Eltrombopag NICE approved BNF 9.1.4
Eluxadoline  Hospital initiated NICE TA471
Emerade® - adrenaline tartrate autoinjector Formulary BNF 3.4.3
Emla® Formulary  
Empagliflozin NICE approved BNF
Emtricitabine Hospital only BNF 5
Emtricitabine+rilprivine+tenofovir Hospital only BNF 5
Emtriva®  Hospital only  
Emulsifying ointment Formulary BNF 10.2.1
Enalapril Formulary BNF
Enbucrilate (Histoacryl®) Formulary  
Enfuvirtide Hospital only BNF 5
Engerix B® Formulary  
Enoxaparin Formulary BNF 2.8.1
Enoximone Hospital only BNF 2.1.2
Enstilar® cutaneous foam Formulary BNF 13.5.2
Entacapone Formulary BNF 4.9.1 - Specialist initiation only, suitable for continuation in primary care
Entecavir Hospital only  
Entresto® - sacubitril valsartan Formulary (RICaD) BNF
Enzalutamide Hospital only BNF
Ephedrine nasal drops Formulary BNF 12.2.2
Epirubicin Hospital only BNF 8.1.2
Eplerenone Formulary BNF 2.2.3 - Initiation and stabilisation by Cardiologist only, in patients for whom spironolactone is inappropriate.
Epoetin alfa Hospital only BNF 9.1.3
Epoetin beta Hospital only BNF 9.1.3
Epoprostenol Hospital only BNF 2.8.1
Eptifibatide Hospital only BNF 2.9
Ergocalciferol Formulary BNF 9.6.4
Ergomethrine & oxytocin (Syntometrine®) Hospital only BNF 7.1.1
Ergometrine maleate Hospital only BNF 7.1.1
Eribulin Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Erlotinib Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Ertapenem Hospital only BNF 5
Ertugliflozin Formulary BNF 6
Erythromycin Formulary BNF 5
Erythromycin + zinc topical solution Formulary  
Erythromycin 2% solution (skin) Formulary  
Eslicarbazepine  Formulary BNF 4.8.1. For initiation by specialist with continuation in primary care with RICaD.
Esmolol injection Hospital only BNF 2.4
Esterified starch (Voluven®) Hospital only Use on CCU
Estradiol vaginal ring (Estring®) Formulary BNF 7.2.1
Estradiol vaginal tablets (Vagifem®) Formulary BNF 7.2.1
Estring®  Formulary BNF 7.2.1
Estriol vaginal cream 0.1% (Ovestrin®) Formulary BNF 7.2.1
Etamsylate Formulary BNF 2.11
Etanercept (dermatology) Hospital only psoriasis in accordance with NICE guidance
Etanercept (rheumatology) Hospital only BNF 10.1.3
Etelcalcetide Specialist/ Hospital prescribing only In accordance with NICE TA448
Ethambutol Hospital only BNF 5
Ethinylestradiol tablets Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Ethosuximide Formulary BNF 4.8.1
Ethyl chloride spray Hospital only BNF 15.2
Etomidate Hospital only  
Etonogestrel 68mg implant Formulary BNF
Etoposide Hospital only BNF 8.1.4
Etoricoxib Formulary BNF 10.1.1 For use by Rheumatology and Orthopaedics Only; may be suitable for continuation in primary care.
Etravirine Hospital only BNF 5
Eucerin® Formulary BNF
Eumovate® Formulary  
Eurax-Hydrocortisone® Formulary  
Everolimus Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Eviplera® Hospital only BNF 5
Evolocumab   NICE TA394 BNF 2.12
Evolve® HA drops 10ml Formulary BNF 11.8.1
Evorel Conti® Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Evorel Sequi® Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Evorel® Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Evra® Formulary BNF 7.3.1 Not routinely stocked at RWHT
Exemestane Formulary BNF
Exenatide - daily injection Formulary BNF
Exenatide - weekly injection Formulary BNF
Exorex® Formulary  
Ezetimibe Formulary BNF 2.12