Formulary Listing

Drugs or products not included on this list will be considered to be non-formulary.

Please Select one of the following to be taken to those drugs beginning with the letter.........

F - G - H - I - JK - L - M - N - O

Famciclovir Formulary BNF Where compliance issues with aciclovir
FastClix® lancets Formulary BNF 6.1.6
Febuxostat Formulary BNF 10.1.4
Felodipine Formulary  
Femoston® 1/20 Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Femoston® 2/10 Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Femoston-Conti® Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Fenofibrate Formulary BNF 2.12
Fentanyl injection Hospital & palliative care use only BNF
Fentanyl patches - prescribe as preferred brand Formulary BNF 4.7.2
Ferric Carboxymaltose (Ferinject®) Hospital only BNF
Ferrograd Folic® Formulary BNF 9.1.1
Ferrous fumarate liquid (Fersamal®) Formulary BNF 9.1.1
Ferrous fumarate tablets Formulary BNF 9.1.1
Ferrous sulphate tablets 200mg Formulary BNF 9.1.1
Fexofenadine Formulary BNF 3.4.1
Fiasp® insulin aspart Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Fidaxomicin Formulary (specialist advice) BNF 5
Filgrastim Hospital only BNF 9.1.6
Finasteride Formulary BNF 6.4.2, BNF 7.4.1
Fingolimod Hospital only BNF 8.2.4
Flamazine® Formulary  
Flaminal Hydro® Formulary (specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Flecainide Formulary BNF 2.3.2
Fleet® Phospho-soda Formulary BNF 1.6.5
Fletcher's phosphate enema Formulary BNF 1.6.4
Flo-Tone MDI  Formulary BNF 3.1.5
Flucloxacillin Formulary BNF 5
Fluconazole Formulary BNF 5
Flucytosine Hospital only BNF 5
Fludarabine Hospital only BNF 8.1.3
Fludrocortisone (oral) Formulary BNF 6.3.1
Fludroxycortide 0.0125% (skin) Formulary  
Flumazenil Hospital only  
Fluocinolone acetonide 0.0025% (skin) Formulary  
Fluocinolone acetonide 0.0625% (skin) Formulary  
Fluocinolone acetonide 0.025% (skin) Formulary  
Fluocinolone acetonide intravitreal implant Hospital only BNF 11.4.1
Fluocinonide 0.05% (skin) Formulary  
Fluorescein sodium eye drops Hospital only BNF 11.8.2
Fluorometholone (eye) Formulary BNF 11.4.1
Fluorouracil Hospital only BNF 8.1.3
Fluoxetine Formulary BNF 4.3.3
Flupentixol (injection) Formulary BNF 4.2.2
Flupentixol (oral) Formulary BNF 4.2.1, BNF 4.3.4
Fluphenazine (injection) Formulary BNF 4.2.2
Flurbiprofen sodium (eye) Hospital only BNF 11.8.2
Fluticasone (inhaled) Formulary BNF 3.2
Fluticasone propionate (nasal) - prescribe as preferred brand Formulary BNF 12.2.1 
Fluticasone furoate (nose)   Formulary BNF 12.2.1
Fluticasone propionate + azelastine hydrochloride (nose) Formulary BNF 12.2.1
Fluticasone + formoterol (inhaled) Formulary BNF 3.2
Fluticasone + salmeterol (inhaled) Formulary BNF 3.2
Fluticasone + vilanterol, as Relvar® inhaler Formulary BNF 3.2
Folic acid Formulary BNF 9.1.2
Folinic acid Formulary BNF 8.1
Fomepizole Hospital only  
Fondaparinux sodium Hospital only BNF 2.8.1
Foodlink Complete® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Forceval® capsules & soluble tablets Formulary BNF 9.6.7
Formoterol Formulary BNF
Formoterol + beclometasone (inhaled) Formulary BNF 3.2
Forticreme® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Fortijuice® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Fortisip® bottle Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Fortisip 2kcal® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Fortisip yoghurt style® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Fortisip Compact® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Fortisip Compact Protein® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Fosamprenavir Hospital only BNF 5
Fosaprepitant Hospital only BNF 4.6
Foscarnet Hospital only BNF 5
Fosfomycin Formulary


Fostair® & Fostair NEXThaler® Formulary BNF 3.2
Freestyle Libre sensor Formulary Should be initiated only by a Specialist for Type 1 diabetes patients and continued in primary care only where patient attends regular specialist reviews BNF 6.1.6
FreeStyle lancets Formulary BNF
FreeStyle Optium testing strips Formulary BNF 6.1.6
Fresenius 1 litre pour bottle Formulary  
Fucibet® Formulary  
Fucidin-H® Formulary  
Full Marks® Formulary  
Fultium® and Fultium D3® Formulary BNF 9.6.4
Fulvestrant Hospital only BNF 8.3.4
Furosemide Formulary BNF 2.2.2
Fusidic acid (infusion) Hospital only  
Fusidic acid 2% (skin) Formulary  
Fybogel® Formulary BNF 1.6.1
Gabapentin Formulary BNF 4.8.1
Gabapentin (neuropathic pain) Formulary BNF 4.7.3
Galantamine MR - prescribe as preferred brand Formulary - Shared Care BNF 4.11
Gammaplex® Hospital only BNF 14.5
Ganciclovir Hospital only BNF 5
Ganciclovir (eye) Hospital only BNF 11.3.3
Ganfort® Formulary 2nd line (for New Cross Hospital Ophthalmologists initiation) 
Gardasil® Formulary Not stocked at RWHT
Gaviscon Infant® Formulary BNF 1.1.2
Gedarel 20/150® Formulary BNF 7.3.1 Not routinely stocked at RWHT
Gedarel 30/150® Formulary BNF 7.3.1 Not routinely stocked at RWHT
Gefitinib Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Gelatin (Gelofusin®) Hospital only BNF
Gelofusin® Hospital only BNF
Gemcitabine Hospital only BNF 8.1.3
Gemeprost Hospital only BNF 7.1.1
Gentamicin (ear) Formulary BNF 11.3.1
Gentamicin (eye) Formulary BNF 11.3.1
Gentamicin (injection) Hospital only BNF 5
Gentian Alkaline Mixture BP Formulary BNF 9.7
Gentisone HC® Formulary BNF 12.1.1
Glandosane® aerosol spray Formulary BNF 12.3.5
Gliclazide Formulary BNF
Glimepiride Formulary BNF
Glucagon Formulary BNF 6.1.4
GlucoRx Fine Point needles Formulary BNF
GlucoRx Safety lancets Formulary BNF 
Glucose 25% 25ml Formulary BNF 9.2.2
Glucose 5% - 500ml & 100ml Hospital only BNF 9.2.2
Glucose 50% - 25ml & 50ml Formulary BNF 9.2.2
Glycerol suppositories Formulary BNF 1.6.2
Glyceryl trinitrate buccal Hospital only BNF 2.6.1
Glyceryl trinitrate IV Hospital only BNF 2.6.1
Glyceryl trinitrate patch - prescribe by brand name Formulary BNF 2.6.1
Glyceryl trinitrate rectal ointment Formulary BNF 1.6.2
Glyceryl trinitrate spray 400mcg/dose Formulary BNF 2.6.1
Glycine irrigation   Specialist/ Hospital prescribing only BNF 7.4.4
Glycopyrronium bromide Formulary (palliative care use)  
Glycopyrronium bromide inhaler (Seebri Breezhaler®) Formulary BNF 3.1.2
Glycopyrronium bromide (anaesthesia) Hospital only  
Glycopyrronium bromide (topical) Hospital only  
Golimumab Restricted/ Specialist Prescribing Only BNF 10.1.3, BNF 1.5.3
Gold (rheumatology) Formulary (shared care) Work in progress - RWHT
Gonadorelin Hospital Only BNF 6.5.1
Goserelin (endometriosis) Formulary  BNF 6.7.2
Goserelin (malignant disease) Formulary  BNF
Granisetron Formulary BNF 4.6
Granisetron patches Hospital only BNF 4.6
Granuflex Border® Formulary Wound care formulary
Griseofulvin Hospital only BNF 5
Haddenham microfine toe caps Formulary (specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Haddenham Veni® range Formulary (specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Haem arginate for IV infusion Hospital only BNF 9.8.2
Haleraid®  Formulary  
Haloperidol Formulary BNF 4.2.1
Haloperidol Formulary BNF 4.9.3
Haloperidol decanoate Formulary BNF 4.2.2
Havrix Monodose® Formulary  
HBvaxPRO® Formulary  
Healthy Start vitamins Primary Care Only BNF 9.6.1
Heparin calcium Formulary BNF 2.8.1
Heparin flushes Formulary BNF 2.8.1
Heparinoid 0.8% in white soft paraffin Formulary  
Hepatitis A + hepatitis B vaccine Formulary  
Hepatitis A + typhoid vaccine Formulary  
Hepatitis A vaccine Formulary  
Hepatitis B immunoglobulin Formulary  
Hepatitis B vaccine Formulary  
Hepatyrix® Formulary  
Hexaminolevulinate powder   Specialist/ Hospital prescribing only BNF 7.4.4
Hexetidine (mouth) Formulary BNF 12.3.4
Hibiscrub® Formulary  
Hibisol® Formulary  
Hibitane 5% concentrate® Formulary  
Hioxyl® Formulary  
Histoacryl® tissue adhesive Formulary  
Holoclar   Hospital only NICE TA467 
HPV vaccine Formulary  
Humalog® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Humalog® Mix 25 Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Humalog® Mix50 Formulary BNF 6.5.1
Human chorionic gonadotrophin Hospital only BNF 6.5.1
Human Papilloma Virus vaccine Formulary  
Humulin I® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Humulin M3® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Humulin S® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Hyaluronidase Hospital only BNF 10.3.1
Hydralazine Formulary BNF 2.5.1
Hydrocortisone (oral & injection) Formulary BNF 6.3.2
Hydrocortisone 0.25% + crotamiton 10% Formulary  
Hydrocortisone 0.5% + nystatin + benazlkonium (skin) Formulary  
Hydrocortisone 0.5% + nystatin + benzalkonium (skin) Formulary  
Hydrocortisone 0.5% cream & ointment Formulary  
Hydrocortisone 1% + clioquinol 3% (skin) Formulary  
Hydrocortisone 1% + clotrimazole 1% (skin) Formulary  
Hydrocortisone 1% + miconazole 2% (skin) Formulary  
Hydrocortisone 1% + miconazole 2% (skin) Formulary  
Hydrocortisone 1% + sodium fusidate 2% (skin) Formulary  
Hydrocortisone 1% + urea 10% (skin) Formulary  
Hydrocortisone 1% cream & ointment Formulary  
Hydrocortisone 1% in WSP Formulary  
Hydrocortisone oromuscosal tablets 2.5mg Formulary BNF 12.3.1
Hydrocortisone butyrate 0.1% + chlorquinaldol 3% (skin) Formulary  
Hydrocortisone oral preparations Formulary  
Hydrocortisone rectal foam Formulary BNF 1.5.2
Hydrofilm® Formulary Wound care formulary
Hydrofilm® Plus Formulary (specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Hydrogen peroxide 1.5% cream Formulary  
Hydromorphone Formulary BNF 4.7.2
Hydrous ointment Formulary BNF 13.2.1
Hydroxocobalamin injection 1mg Formulary BNF 9.1.2
Hydroxycarbamide Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Hydroxychloroquine (rheumatology) Formulary BNF 10.1.3
Hydroxyethylcellulose + sodium chloride minims Formulary BNF 11.8.1
Hydroxyzine Formulary BNF 3.4.1
Hyoscine butylbromide Formulary BNF 1.2
Hyoscine hydrobromide Formulary BNF 4.6
Hyoscine hydrobromide (anaesthesia) Hospital only  
Hypromellose (eye) Formulary BNF 11.8.1
Hypurin® Bovine Isophane Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Hypurin® Bovine Lente Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Hypurin® Bovine Neutral Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Hypurin® Bovine Protamine Zinc Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Hypurin® Porcine 30/70 Mix Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Hypurin® Porcine Isophane Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Hypurin® Porcine Neutral Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Ibandronic acid oral Formulary BNF 6.1.2
Ibanddronic acid infusion Hospital only BNF 6.1.2
Ibrutinib Specialist/ hospital prescribing only BNF 8.1.5
Ibuprofen Formulary BNF 10.1.1
Ibuprofen 5% gel Formulary BNF 10.3.2 Not routinely stocked by RWHT. Fenbid® is preferred brand in primary care.
Ibuprofen injection (Pedea®)   Hospital only BNF
Icatibant Hospital only - NHSE commissioned BNF 3.4.3
Ichthammol + zinc (bandage) Formulary  
Ichthammol + zinc (cream) Formulary  
Ichthopaste®  Formulary Wound care formulary
Icthaband®  Formulary  
Idarubicin Hospital only BNF 8.1.2
Idarucizumab Hospital only BNF 2.8.4
Idelalisib Hospital only BNF 8.1.5 
Idoxuridine in dimethylsulfoxide Formulary  
Ifosfamide Hospital only BNF 8.1.1
Ikervis® (ciclosporin) Formulary BNF 11.4.2
Ilube® Formulary  
Imatinib Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Imipenem with cilastatin Hospital only BNF 5
Imipramine Formulary BNF 4.3.1
Imiquimod 5% cream Specialist Dermatology Service only  
Inadine® Formulary Wound care formulary
Incruse® Ellipta inhaler (umeclidinium bromide) Formulary BNF 3.1.2
Indacaterol (Onbrez®) Formulary BNF 3.1.1
Indapamide Formulary BNF 2.2.1
Indinavir Hospital only BNF 5
Indometacin injection (Indocid PDA®)   Hospital only BNF
Infacol® Formulary BNF 1.1.1
Infanrix-IPV+Hib®  Formulary  
Infanrix-IPV® Formulary  
Infantrini® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Inflectra® - infliximab Restricted/ Specialist Prescribing Only BNF 1.5.3, BNF 10.1.3, BNF 13.5.3
Infliximab (Crohn’s disease or Ulcerative Colitis) Restricted/ Specialist Prescribing Only BNF 1.5.3
Infliximab (psoriasis) Hospital only BNF 13.5.3
Infliximab (rheumatology) Hospital only BNF 10.1.3
Influenza vaccine Formulary  
Ingenol mebutate Formulary BNF 13.8.1
Inosine pranobex Hospital only BNF 5
Insulatard ® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Insulin aspart prescribed by brand name, Novorapid® or Fiasp® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Insulin degludec Formulary

BNF 6.1.1

Insulin degludec + liraglutide Formulary BNF suitable for primary care prescribing after specialist initiation and stabilisation, or GPs with special interest
Insulin determir Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Insulin glargine Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Insulin glulisine Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Insulin lispro Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Insuman® Basal Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Insuman® Comb 15 Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Insuman® Comb 25 Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Insuman® Comb 50 Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Insuman® Rapid Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Interferon alfa Hospital only BNF 8.2.4
Interferon peginterferon alfa Hospital only BNF 8.2.4
InVita D3® oral Formulary BNF 9.6.4
Iodoflex® Formulary Wound care formulary
Ipilimumab Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Ipratropium bromide (respiratory) Formulary BNF 3.1.2
Ipratropium bromide nasal spray Formulary BNF 12.2.2
Irbesartan Formulary  
Irinotecan Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Irinotecan, pegylated liposomal Hospital only BNF 8.1.5 
Iron dextran injection (Cosmofer®) Formulary BNF
Iron isomaltoside injection Hospital only BNF
Iron sucrose injection (Venofer®) Hospital only BNF
Irriclens® 240ml aerosol can Formulary  
Irripod® Formulary Wound care formulary
Isentress®  Formulary For HIV patients on the advice of consultant in GUM only
Isoflurane Hospital only  
Isogel® Formulary BNF 1.6.1
Isoniazid Hospital only BNF 5
Isopropyl myristate & cyclomethicone solution Formulary BNF 13.10.4
Isosorbide mononitrate Formulary  
Isosorbide mononitrate m/r Formulary Prescribe as preferred brand
Isotretinoin Hospital or Community Dermatology Service only  
Isotretinoin 0.05% (skin) Formulary  
Isotretinoin 0.05% + erythromycin 2% (skin) Formulary  
Isotrexin® Formulary  
Ispaghula Formulary BNF 1.6.1
Itraconazole (oral) Formulary BNF 5
Itraconazole IV Hospital only BNF 5
Ivabradine Formulary BNF 2.6.3
Ixekizumab Hospital only BNF 13.5.3
Jelonet® Formulary (specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Jobst Elvarex® hosiery Formulary(specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Kanamycin Hospital only BNF 5
Kay-Cee-L® Formulary  
Ketamine Hospital only  
Ketoconazole (oral) Hospital only BNF 5
Ketoconazole 2% shampoo Formulary  
Ketorolac (eye) Hospital only BNF 11.8.2
Ketorolac trometamol Hospital only  
Ketostix® Formulary BNF 6.1.6
Ketovite® tablets Formulary BNF 9.6.7
Klean-Prep® Formulary BNF 1.2
Kliovance® Formulary BNF 6.4.1
K-lite® Formulary Wound care formulary
Ko-Flex® Formulary Wound care formulary
Kolanticon® gel Formulary BNF 1.2
K-Plus® Formulary Wound care formulary
K-Soft® Formulary Wound care formulary
Labetalol Formulary BNF 2.4
Lacosamide Formulary BNF 4.8.1 Primary care prescribing following specialist advice
Lacri-Lube® eye ointment Formulary BNF 11.8.1
Lacri—Tears® eye ointment Formulary BNF 11.8.1
Lactulose Formulary BNF 1.6.4
Lamivudine Hospital only BNF 5
Lamotrigine (epilepsy) Formulary BNF 4.8.1
Lamotrigine (bipolar disorder) Formulary BNF 4.2.3
Lansoprazole Formulary BNF 1.3.5
Lanthanum Hospital/specialist only (no new shared care patients from May 2018) BNF
Lantus® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Latanoprost (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Leflunomide Formulary - Shared Care BNF 10.1.3
Lenalidomide Hospital only BNF 8.2.4
Letrozole Formulary - Shared Care BNF
Leuprorelin (endometriosis) Formulary  BNF 6.7.2
Leuprorelin (prostate cancer) Formulary  BNF
Levamisole Formulary BNF 5
Levemir® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Levetiracetam Formulary  BNF 4.8.1
Levobunolol (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Levobupivacaine Hospital only BNF 15.2
Levodopa + benserazide Formulary  
Levodopa + carbidopa + entacapone - prescribe as Stanek® Formulary  
Levodopa + carbidopa Formulary  
Levofloxacin Hospital only BNF 5
Levofloxacin (eye) Formulary BNF 11.3.1
Levomepromazine Formulary BNF 4.2.1
Levonorgestrel tablet 1.5mg as Upostelle® Formulary BNF 7.3.4
Levothyroxine Formulary BNF 6.2.1
Lidocaine Formulary BNF 15.2
Lidocaine + adrenaline 1 in 200,000 injection Formulary BNF 15.2
Lidocaine + fluorescein minims Hospital only BNF 11.7
Lidocaine 0.5% injection Formulary BNF 15.2
Lidocaine 1% injection Formulary BNF 15.2
Lidocaine 2% + chlorhexidine 0.25% syringes Formulary BNF 15.2
Lidocaine 2% injection Formulary BNF 15.2
Lidocaine 2.5% + prilocaine 2.5% Formulary BNF 15.2
Lidocaine 5% medicated plaster

Specialist/hospital prescribing only

BNF 15.2
Linaclotide Formulary BNF 1.6.7
Linagliptin Formulary BNF
Linezolid Hospital only BNF 5

Prescribing initiated and regularly reviewed with regard to on-going clinical need by consultant NHS endocrinologist may be continued in primary care.

BNF 6.2.1
Liposomal amphotericin Hospital only  
Liquid paraffin and magnesium hydroxide oral emulsion BP Restricted/ Specialist Prescribing Only BNF 1.6.4
Liquid and white soft paraffin ointment NPF Formulary BNF 13.2.1
Liquigen® Formulary  
Liraglutide (diabetes) Formulary

BNF Continued by general practitioners when patient stable

Liraglutide (non-diabetes obesity) Hospital only

Hospital specialist - RWHT Unlicensed medicines policy

Liraglutide + insulin degludec Formulary BNF suitable for primary care prescribing after specialist initiation and stabilisation, or GPs with special interest
Lisdexamfetamine Paediatrics- shared care BNF 4.4
Lisinopril Formulary BNF
Lithium (by brand name) Formulary - Shared Care BNF 4.2.3
Lixisenatide Formulary BNF 6.1.2
Loceryl® (skin) Formulary  
Lodoxamide (eye) Formulary 2nd line
Loestrin 30® Formulary BNF 7.3.1 Not routinely stocked at RWHT
Lofepramine Formulary BNF 4.3.1
Lofexidine Hospital only BNF 4.10.3
Lomustine Hospital only BNF 8.1.1
Longtec® - oxycodone MR Formulary BNF 4.7.2
Loperamide Formulary BNF 1.4.2
Lopinavir with ritonavir Hospital only BNF 5
Loratadine Formulary  
Lorazepam (epilepsy) Hospital only BNF 4.8.2
Lorazepam (anaesthesia) Hospital only  
Lorazepam injection (acute anxiety) Hospital only BNF 4.1.2
Losartan Formulary BNF
Loteprednol etabonate (eye) Hospital only BNF 11.4.1
Lotriderm® Formulary  
Lubiprostone Formulary BNF 1.6.7
Lumigan®  Formulary BNF 11.6 ophthalmologist recommendation
Lurasidone Formulary - Shared care BNF 4.2
Lyclear Dermal® Formulary  
Lymecycline (acne) Formulary BNF 13.6
Lysine aspirin + metoclopramide Formulary  
Macrogols Formulary BNF 1.6.4
MagnaSpartate® Formulary BNF
Magnesium glycerophosphate, prescribed as Neomag® Formulary BNF
Magnesium oxide Formulary BNF
Magnesium sulphate injection Hospital only BNF
Magnesium trisilicate mixture Formulary BNF 1.1.1
Malathion 0.5% aqueous liquid Formulary BNF 13.10.4
Mannitol intravenous infusion Hospital only BNF 2.2.5
Mannitol (cystic fibrosis) Formulary BNF 3.7
Mannitol for inhalation (OSMOHALE®) Hospital only Miscellaneous
Mantoux Test Formulary  
Maraviroc Hospital only BNF 5
Measles, mumps & rubella vaccine Formulary  
Mebendazole Formulary BNF 5
Mebeverine hydrochloride Formulary BNF 1.2
Medihoney® barrier cream Formulary Wound care formulary
Medisense Optium Plus® Formulary BNF 6.1.6
Medi-Test® Protein2 Formulary BNF 6.1.6
Medroxyprogesterone Formulary BNF
Medroxyprogesterone 150mg/ml injection Formulary BNF
Medroxyprogesterone 104mg/0.65ml injection Formulary BNF 
Medroxyprogesterone acetate Formulary BNF 8.3.2
Mefenamic acid Formulary BNF 10.1.1
Mefix® Formulary Wound care formulary
Megestrol acetate Formulary BNF 8.3.2
Melatonin Formulary BNF 4.1.1
Meloxicam Formulary BNF 10.1.1
Melphalan Hospital only BNF 8.1.1
Memantine Formulary - Shared Care BNF 4.11
Menadiol sodium phosphate tablets 10mg Formulary BNF 9.6.5
Meningococcal Group C vaccine conjugate Formulary  
Meningococcal Group C vaccine polysaccharide Formulary  
Menthol & eucalyptus inhalation Formulary BNF 3.8
Mepitel® Formulary (specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Mepolizumab NHS England Specialised Commissioning drug for asthma NICE TA431  BNF 3.4.2
Meritene® Not on FP10 BNF 9.4.2
Mercaptopurine Formulary - Shared Care BNF 8.1.3
Merocaine® lozenges Formulary BNF 12.3.3
Merocet® lozenges Formulary BNF 12.3.3
Meropenem Hospital only BNF 5
Mesalazine (brand name only) Formulary BNF 1.5.1
Mesna Hospital only BNF 8.1
Mesterolone Formulary  
Metanium®  Formulary  
Metaraminol Hospital only BNF 2.7.2
Metformin Formulary BNF
Methadone (dependence) Specialist only BNF 4.10.3
Methadone hydrochloride Formulary BNF 4.7.2
Methotrexate (injection) Hospital only BNF 8.1.3, BNF 10.1.3
Methotrexate (oral) Formulary - Shared Care BNF 10.1.3
Methotrexate (skin) Formulary - Shared Care  
Methyl-5-aminolevulinate cream (Metvix®) Hospital only  
Methyldopa Formulary BNF 2.5.2

Specialist only Paediatrics - shared care agreement

BNF 4.4
Methylprednisolone (oral & injection) Formulary BNF 6.3.2
Methylprednisolone injection Formulary BNF 10.1.2
Methylprednisolone with lidocaine injection Formulary BNF 10.1.2
Metoclopramide hydrochloride Formulary BNF 4.6
Metolazone Formulary BNF 2.2.1
Metoprolol Formulary BNF 2.4
Metoprolol (migraine) Formulary BNF
Metosyn® Formulary  
Metronidazole Formulary BNF 5
Metronidazole 0.75% (skin) Formulary  
Metronidazole vaginal gel 0.75% Formulary BNF 7.2.2
Metvix® cream Hospital only  
Mexiletine Hospital only BNF 2.3.2
Mezavant XL®  Formulary  
Micanol® Formulary  
Miconazole (mouth) Formulary BNF 12.3.2
Miconazole (skin) Formulary  
Miconazole (vaginal) Formulary BNF 7.2.2
Microgynon 30 ED® Formulary BNF 7.3.1
Microlet® lancets Formulary BNF 6.1.6
Midazolam injection Hospital & palliative care use only BNF
Midazolam buccal (Licensed product, Buccolam®) Formulary BNF 4.8.2
Midodrine Formulary BNF 6.1.5 Suitable for prescribing in primary care following initiation by specialist
Mifepristone Hospital only BNF 7.1.2
Migraleve® Formulary BNF
Migramax® Formulary BNF
Millinette® 20/75 Formulary BNF 7.3.1 Not routinely stocked at RWHT
Millinette® 30/75 Formulary BNF 7.3.1Not routinely stocked at RWHT
Milrinone Hospital only BNF 2.1.2
Minims Artificial Tears® Formulary  
Minocycline Hospital only BNF 5
Minoxidil Formulary BNF 2.5.1
Mirabegron Formulary see NICE TA290
Mirena® Formulary BNF
Mirtazapine Formulary BNF 4.3.4
Misoprostol oral Formulary BNF 1.3.4
Misoprostol oral [unlicensed use] Specialist/ Hospital use only BNF 7.1.1
Mitomycin Hospital only BNF 8.1.2
Mitoxantrone Hospital only BNF 8.1.2
Mitozantrone (see mitoxantrone) Hospital only BNF 8.1.2
Mivacurium Hospital only  
MMR vaccine Formulary  
Mobile cassette for Accu-Check mobile Formulary BNF 6.1.6
Moclobemide Formulary BNF 4.3.2
Modafinil (narcolepsy) Formulary BNF 4.4 Following initiation by respiratory or neurology consultant.
Modafinil (sleep apnoea) Unlicensed use License withdrawn August 2010
Mometasone (nasal allergy) Formulary BNF 12.2.1
Mometasone (skin) Formulary  
Monofer® Hospital only BNF 9.1.1 renal use only
Monoprost® Formulary BNF 11.6 ophthalmologist recommendation
Montelukast Formulary BNF 3.3.2
Morphine Formulary BNF 4.7.2
Mouthwash solution tablets Formulary BNF 12.3.4
Movicol® Formulary  
Moviprep® Restricted/ Specialist Prescribing Only BNF 1.6.5
Moxifloxacin Hospital only BNF 5
Moxifloxacin (eye) Formulary BNF 11.3.1
Moxonidine Formulary BNF 2.5.2
Mucogel® suspension Formulary BNF 1.1.1
Mupirocin 2% ointment Formulary  
Mupirocin nasal cream Formulary BNF 12.2.3
Muse® Formulary BNF 7.4.5
Mycophenolate mofetil (renal) Hospital/specialist only (no new shared care patients from May 2018)  
Mycophenolate mofetil (other) Hospital/specialist only (no new shared care patients from May 2018) BNF 8.2.1
Mycophenolic acid Hospital/specialist only (no new shared care patients from May 2018)  
Mylife Clickfine AutoProtect needles Formulary BNF
Nafarelin nasal spray Hospital only BNF 6.7.2
Naftidrofuryl Formulary BNF 2.6.4
Nalmefene Community alcohol service initially BNF 4.10 Alcohol dependence  
Naloxegol Formulary BNF 1.6.6
Naloxone hydrochloride Hospital only  
Naltrexone Specialist only BNF 4.10.3
Naproxen Formulary BNF 10.1.1
Naratriptan Formulary BNF
Naseptin® Formulary BNF 12.2.3
Natalizumab Hospital only BNF 8.2.4
Nateglinidie Formulary BNF
Nebido® Hospital only BNF 6.4.2
Needle Clipping device Formulary  
Nelfinavir Hospital only BNF 5
Neocate® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
NeoMag® Formulary BNF
Neostigmine Formulary  
Neostigmine metilsulfate Hospital only  
Neotigason® Hospital only  
Nerisone Forte® Formulary  
Netilmicin Hospital only  
Nevirapine Hospital only BNF 5
Nexplanon® Formulary BNF
Nicam® Formulary  
Nicorandil Formulary BNF 2.6.3
Nicotinamide 4% gel Formulary  
Nicotine replacement therapy Formulary BNF 4.10.2
Nifedipine (Coracten®) Formulary BNF 2.6.2
Nifedipine (Tensipine®) Formulary BNF 2.6.2
Nifedipine capsules Formulary BNF 2.6.2
Nifedipine oral [unlicensed indication] Formulary BNF 7.1.3
Nilotinib Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Nimodipine Hospital only BNF 2.6.2
Nitrofurantoin Formulary BNF 5
Nitty Gritty NitFree Formulary  
Nivolumab Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Noradrenaline (norepinephrine) Hospital only BNF 2.7.2
Norepinephrine Hospital only BNF 2.7.2
Norethisterone Formulary BNF, BNF 8.3.2
Norimin® Formulary BNF 7.3.1 Not routinely stocked at RWHT
Normal immunoglobulin Hospital only  
Normasol® 25 x 25ml sachets Formulary Wound care formulary
Nortriptyline Formulary BNF 6.1.5 (neuropathic pain)
Nova-T 380® Formulary BNF 7.3.4
NovoMix® 30 Formulary BNF 6.1.1
NovoRapid® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
NRT Formulary  
Nutricrem® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Nutrini Energy® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Nutrini® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Nutriprem 2® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Nutrison Concentrate® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Nutrison Energy Mulit-Fibre® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Nutrison Energy® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Nutrison Low Sodium® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Nutrison MCT® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Nutrison Mullti-Fibre® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Nutrison Peptisorb® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Nutrison Soya® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Nutrison Standard Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Nuvaring® Sexual Health service only BNF 7.3.1
Nystaform® Formulary  
Nystatin (mouth) Formulary BNF 12.3.2
Nystatin (oral) Hospital only  
Nystatin (topical) Formulary  
Nystatin + chlorhexidine (skin) Formulary  
Oakmed Option wound manager Formulary(specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Obinutuzumab Hospital only BNF 8.2.3
Occlusal® Formulary  
Ocriplasmin Hospital only BNF 11.8.2
Octreotide (palliative care) Formulary BNF
Octreotide Hospital only  
Oestrogel® Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Ofloxacin Hospital only Other indications
Ofloxacin Formulary BNF 5
Ofloxacin (eye) Hospital only BNF 11.3.1
Oilatum Plus® preparations Formulary  
Olanzapine Formulary BNF 4.2.1
Olanzapine embonate injection Formulary BNF 4.2.2
Olaratumab  Hospital only NICE TA 465 
Olive oil (ear) Formulary BNF 12.1.3
Olopatadine (eye) Formulary BNF 11.4.2 For initiation by consultant ophthalmologists for the treatment seasonal allergic conjunctivitis
Omalizumab Hospital only BNF 3.4.2
Omeprazole Formulary BNF 1.3.5
Omnitrope® Hospital only BNF 6.5.1
Onco TICE® bladder instillation Hospital only  
Ondansetron Formulary BNF 4.6
One Touch Delica® lancets Formulary BNF
Optive® Formulary BNF 11.8.1
Orlistat Formulary BNF 4.5
Orphenadrine hydrochloride Formulary BNF 4.9.2
Oseltamivir Formulary When influenza circulating in the community
Otomize® Formulary BNF 12.1.1
Ovestrin® vaginal cream Formulary BNF 7.2.1
Oxaliplatin Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Oxandrolone Specialist/ Hospital prescribing BNF 6.4.3
Oxcarbazepine Hospital only BNF 4.8.1
Oxybuprocaine minims Formulary BNF 11.7
Oxybutynin hydrochloride Formulary BNF 7.4.2
Oxycodone Formulary BNF 4.7.2
Oxycodone + Naloxone Hospital/specialist prescribing only BNF 4.7.2
Oxytetracycline (acne) Formulary BNF 13.6
Oxytocin Hospital only BNF 7.1.1
Oxyzyme® Formulary(specialist advice) Wound care formulary