Formulary Listing

Drugs or products not included on this list will be considered to be non-formulary.

Please Select one of the following to be taken to those drugs beginning with the letter..........

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Pabrinex® Hospital only BNF 9.6.2
Paclitaxel Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Palbociclib  Specialist/hospital prescribing only BNF 8.1.5
Paliperidone (depot injection) Formulary BNF 4.2.2
Palivizumab Hospital only  
Pamidronate - see disodium pamidronate    
Pancreatin Formulary BNF 1.9.4
Pancuronium bromide Hospital only  
Panoxyl Aquagel® Formulary  
Pantoprazole Formulary BNF 1.3.5
Paracetamol Formulary BNF
Paracetamol + metoclopramide Formulary BNF
Paramax® Formulary BNF
Paroxetine Formulary BNF 4.3.3
Pazopanib Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Peak Flow meters Formulary  
Pediacel® Formulary  
Pegaspargase Specialist/ hospital prescribing only BNF 8.1.5 
Peginterferon alfa Hospital only BNF 8.2.4
Pembrolizumab Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Pemetrexed Hospital only BNF 8.1.3
Penicillamine Formulary - Shared Care

BNF 10.1.3

Penicillamine Formulary BNF 9.8.1
Penicillin G - see benzylpenicillin Formulary BNF 5
Penicillin V Formulary BNF 5
Pentamidine Hospital only BNF 5.4.8
Pentastarch Hospital only BNF
Pentoxifylline Hospital only Gastroenterology use only - RWT Alcoholic hepatitis guidelines
Peppermint Oil capsules Formulary BNF 1.2
Peptac® Formulary BNF 1.1.2
Perampanel Specialist initiation with continuation in primary care with RICaD BNF 4.8.1
Performa test strips Formulary BNF 6.1.6
Performa Nano Formulary Not available on FP10 - see BNF 6.1.6
Pergolide Formulary BNF 4.9.1
Perindopril erbumine Formulary BNF
Permethrin 5% dermal cream Formulary BNF 13.10.4
Permitabs® Formulary  
Pertuzumab Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Pethidine Formulary BNF
Pharmalgen® Specialist Centre Only see NICE TA246
Phenindione Formulary BNF 2.8.2
Phenobarbital Formulary BNF 4.8.1
Phenothrin 0.2% lotion Formulary  
Phenothrin 0.5% liquid Formulary  
Phenoxybenzamine Hospital only BNF 2.5.4
Phenoxymethylpenicillin Formulary BNF 5
Phentolamine Hospital only BNF 2.5.4
Phenylephrine injection Hospital only BNF 2.7.2
Phenylephrine (eye) Formulary BNF 11.5
Phenytoin (epilepsy) Formulary BNF 4.8.1
Phenytoin injection Hospital only BNF 4.8.2
Pholcodine sugar-free linctus Formulary BNF 3.9.1
Phosex® Formulary BNF
Phosphate-Sandoz® Formulary BNF
Phosphates enema Formulary BNF 1.6.4
Phytomenadione injection Hospital only BNF 9.6.6
Pico® negative pressure system Formulary(specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Picolax® Formulary BNF 1.6.5
Pilocarpine hydrochloride 5mg tablets Formulary BNF 12.3.5
Pimecrolimus (skin) Formulary (specialist advice) BNF 13.5.3
Pioglitazone Formulary BNF
Piperacilin Hospital only BNF 5
Piperacillin + tazobactam Hospital only BNF 5
Piperazine oral powder Formulary BNF 5
Pipotiazine palmitate Formulary BNF 4.2.2
Pirfenidone Hospital only BNF 3.11
Piroxicam soluble tablets Formulary BNF 10.1.1 For initiation by consultant paediatric rheumatologists only
Pivmecillinam Hospital only BNF 5
Pixantrone Hospital only BNF 8.1.2
Pizotifen Formulary BNF
Pneumococcal vaccine polysaccharide Formulary  
Pneumococcal vaccine polysaccharide conjugated Formulary  
Pneumovax® II Formulary  
Podophyllotoxin 0.15% cream Formulary  
Podophyllotoxin 0.5% alcoholic solution Formulary  
Poliomyelitis vaccine (Salk vaccine) Not recommended for routine use  
Polycal® Formulary  
Polymixin B sulphate (eye) Formulary BNF 11.3.1
Polystyrene sulphonate resin Hospital only BNF 9.2.1
Ponatinib Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Poractant Alfa Hospital prescribing only BNF 3.5.2
Posaconazole Hospital only BNF 5
Potassium chloride 0.3% in glucose 5% - 500ml Hospital only BNF 9.2.2
Potassium chloride 0.3% in sodium chloride 0.9% - 500ml Hospital only BNF 9.2.2
Potassium chloride 0.3% in sodium chloride 0.9% and glucose 4% - 500ml Hospital only BNF 9.2.2
Potassium chloride m/r/ tablets (Slow K®) Formulary BNF 9.2.1
Potassium chloride SF syrup (Kay-Cee-L®) Formulary BNF 9.2.1
Potassium citrate mixture Formulary BNF 7.4.3
Potassium effervescent (Sando-K®) Formulary BNF 9.2.1
Potassium permanganate solution tablets Formulary  
Povidone iodine 2.5% dry powder spray Formulary  
Povidone iodine 4% skin cleanser Formulary  
Pramipexole oral (immediate release)  Formulary Restless legs syndrome BNF 4.9.1
Prasugrel Formulary BNF 2.9
Prednisolone (eye) Formulary BNF 11.4.1
Prednisolone injection Formulary BNF 6.3.2
Prednisolone oral Formulary BNF 6.3.2
Prednisolone rectal preparations Formulary BNF 1.5.2
Prednisolone sodium phosphate (ear) Formulary BNF 12.1.1
Pregabalin (epilepsy) Formulary BNF 4.8.1 - suitable for GP prescribing following initiation by neurologist or paediatrician
Pregabalin (neuropathic pain) Formulary BNF 4.7.3
Pregaday® Formulary BNF 9.1.1
Premique® Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Prepared coal tar 1% lotion Formulary  
Prevanar® Formulary  
Prezista® Hospital only Treatment of HIV infection
Priadel® (lithium) Formulary BNF 4.2.3
Prilocaine Formulary  
Primidone Formulary BNF 4.8.1
Probenecid Hospital only BNF 10.1.4
Procaine penicillin Hospital only BNF 5
Procal powder® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Prochlorperazine Formulary BNF 4.6
Procyclidine hydrochloride Formulary BNF 4.9.2
Proflavine 0.1% cream Formulary  
Progesterone pessaries (Cyclogest®)  Specialist/ Hospital prescribing only BNF
Proguanil Formulary BNF 5
Promazine Formulary BNF 4.2.1
Promethazine HCl (rapid tranquilisation) Hospital only BNF 4.1.2
Promethazine hydrochloride Formulary BNF 3.4.1, BNF 4.6
Promogran® Formulary (specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Prontosan® C Formulary (specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Propafenone Formulary BNF 2.3.2
Propofol Hospital only  
Propofol-Lipuro® Hospital only  
Propranolol Formulary BNF 2.4
Propranolol (migraine) Formulary BNF

Propylene glycol 40% in Dermovate®

Community Dermatology Service use only  
Propylthiouracil Formulary BNF 6.2.2
Protamine sulphate Hospital only BNF 2.8.3
Protifar® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Proxymetacaine + fluorescein minims Hospital only BNF 11.7
Prucalopride Formulary BNF 1.6.7
Pseudoephedrine hydrochloride Formulary BNF 3.10
Psorin® Formulary  
Pyrazinamide Formulary


Pyridostigmine bromide Formulary BNF 10.2.1
Pyridoxine tablets Formulary BNF 9.6.2
Pyrimethamine Hospital only BNF 5
Pyrimethamine + sulfadoxine (Fansidar®) Hospital only BNF 5
Quetiapine Formulary BNF 4.2.1
Quinine dihydrochloride Hospital only BNF 5.4.1
Quinine sulphate Hospital only BNF 5.4.1
Quinine sulphate 300mg (night cramps) Formulary BNF 10.2.2
Quinupristin with dalfopristin Hospital only  
Qvar® Formulary BNF 3.2
Rabies vaccine Formulary  
Raloxifene Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Ramipril capsules Formulary BNF
Ranibizumab Hospital only BNF 11.8.2
Ranitidine Formulary BNF 1.3.2
Ranolazine Formulary BNF 2.6.3
Rasburicase Hospital only BNF 10.1.4 For use by Haematologists only
Regorafenib Specialist/hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Relvar® inhaler (fluticasone + vilanterol) Formulary BNF 3.2
Remicade® - infliximab Hospital only BNF 1.5.3, BNF 10.1.3, BNF 13.5.3
Remifentanil Hospital only Use under Consultant supervision only
Remsima® - infliximab Hospital only BNF 1.5.3, BNF 10.1.3, BNF 13.5.3
Renapro® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Renavit® Formulary BNF 9.6.7
Reslizumab Specialist/ hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Resource ThickenUp Clear® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Restandol® capsules Formulary BNF 6.4.2
Revaxis® Formulary  
Ribavirin Hospital only see NICE TA300
Ribbed stockinette Formulary Wound care formulary
Rifabutin Hospital only BNF 5
Ribociclib Specialist/ hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Rifampicin Formulary BNF 5
Rifamycin Hospital only  
Rifaximin - hepatic encephalopathy Formulary BNF 5 For initiation by CONSULTANT GASTROENTEROLOGIST only, then suitable for primary care prescribing
Rigevidon Formulary BNF 7.3.1 Not routinely stocked at RWHT
Riluzole Formulary Suitable for primary care prescribing following specialist advice
Rimonabant Product Withdrawn Product licence withdrawn 28.10.2008
Risedronate sodium Formulary BNF 6.6.2
Risperidone Formulary BNF 4.2.1, BNF 4.2.2
Ritonavir Hospital only BNF 5
Rituximab Hospital only BNF 8.2.3, BNF 10.1.3
Rivaroxaban Formulary BNF 2.8.2
Rivastigmine Formulary - Shared Care  
Rizatriptan oral Formulary BNF
Robinul® powder Hospital only  
Rocuronium bromide Hospital only  
Roflumilast Initiated by specialist in respiratory medicine BNF 3.3.3
Romiplostim Hospital only BNF 9.1.3
Ropinirole Formulary BNF 4.9.1
Rose Bengal eye drops Hospital only  
Rotarix® vaccine Formulary BNF 14.4 (rotavirus vaccine)
Rotavirus vaccine Formulary BNF 14.4
Rotigotine transdermal patch  For initiation by secondary care BNF 4.9.1
Rozex® cream  Formulary  
Rufinamide Hospital only BNF 4.8.1
Ruxolitinib Specialist/ hospital prescribing only BNF 8.1.5
Sacubitril valsartan Formulary (RICaD) BNF
Salbutamol Formulary BNF
Salbutamol IV infusion Hospital only BNF 7.1.3
Salcatonin Hospital only BNF 6.6.1
Salicylic acid 16.7% + lactic acid 16.7% paint Formulary  
Salicylic acid 26% solution Formulary  
Salicylic acid 50% ointment Formulary  
Salicylic acid 5% in white soft paraffin Community Dermatology Service only  
Saliveze® oral spray Formulary BNF 12.3.5
Salmeterol Formulary BNF
Sandocal-1000® Hospital only BNF
Sando-K® Formulary  
Sandrena® Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Saquinavir Hospital only BNF 5
Sarilumab Specialist/ hospital prescribing only BNF 10.1.3
Sayana Press® - medroxyprogesterone Formulary BNF
Scandishake® Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Seal-tight® Formulary Wound care formulary
Sebco® Formulary  
Secukinumab Hospital only BNF 13.5.2 and BNF 10.1.3
Selegiline Formulary BNF 4.9.1
Selenium injection 50mcg/ml Hospital only BNF 9.5.5
Selsun® shampoo Formulary  
Senna Formulary BNF 1.6.2
Seretide® Formulary  
Sertraline Formulary BNF 4.3.3
Sevelamer Hospital/specialist only (no new shared care patients from May 2018) BNF 9.5.2
Sevoflurane Hospital only Use under Consultant supervision only
Sharpsafe® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Sharpsguard® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Sildenafil Formulary BNF 7.4.5
Silkis® Formulary  
Siltape® Formulary (specialist advice) Wound care formulary
Silver nitrate applicator/caustic pencil Hospital only BNF 13.7
Simple linctus Formulary BNF 3.9.2
Simvastatin Formulary BNF 2.12
Sirolimus (renal) Hospital/specialist only (no new shared care patients from May 2018) BNF 8.2.2
Sitagliptin Formulary BNF
Skinoren® Formulary  
Slõ Milkshake+   Formulary BNF 9.4.2
Sodium aurothiomalate injection Formulary - Shared Care  
Sodium benzoate Specialist use only See BNF for Children for details
Sodium bicarbonate Formulary  
Sodium bicarbonate (ear) Formulary BNF 12.1.3
Sodium bicarbonate 1.26% - 500ml Hospital only BNF 9.2.2
Sodium bicarbonate capsules 500mg Formulary BNF
Sodium chloride 0.18% and glucose 4% - 500ml Hospital only BNF 9.2.2
Sodium chloride 0.45% and glucose 2.5% - 500ml Hospital only BNF 9.2.2
Sodium chloride 0.9% - 100ml, 500ml & 1000ml Hospital only BNF 9.2.2
Sodium chloride 0.9% - 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml & 50ml Formulary BNF 9.2.2
Sodium chloride 0.9% - prescribe as Uriflex S® Formulary BNF 7.4.4
Sodium chloride 0.9% and glucose 5% - 500ml Hospital only BNF 9.2.2
Sodium chloride 0.9% nebuliser solution  Formulary  
Sodium chloride Flowfusor 120ml bellows pack Formulary  
Sodium chloride m/r tablets 500mg (Slow Sodium ®) Formulary  
Sodium citrate 0.3M solution Restricted/ Specialist Prescribing Only BNF 1.1.1
Sodium clodronate Hospital only BNF 6.6.2
Sodium cromoglicate (eye) Formulary BNF 11.4.2
Sodium cromoglicate (inhaled) Formulary BNF 3.3.1
Sodium feredate liquid (Sytron®) Formulary BNF 9.1.1
Sodium fusidate oral & IV Hospital only BNF 5
Sodium hyaluronate 0.2% eye drops (Hylo-Forte®) Formulary BNF 11.8.1
Sodium hyaluronate solution Specialist/ Hospital prescribing only BNF 7.4.4
Sodium Lactate (Hartmann’s solution) – 500ml & 1000ml Hospital only BNF 9.2.2
Sodium nitroprusside Hospital only BNF 2.5.1
Sodium picosulfate Formulary BNF 1.6.2
Sodium tetradecyl sulphate Hospital only BNF 2.13
Sodium valproate Formulary BNF 4.8.1
Sofosbuvir–velpatasvir   Hospital only BNF 5
Sofradex® Formulary BNF 12.1.1
Softdrape® dressing pack Formulary Wound care formulary
Softpore® Formulary Wound care formulary
Solareze® Formulary  
Solifenacin succinate Formulary BNF 7.4.2
Solifenacin + tamsulosin Formulary BNF 7.4.2
Solution G – prescribe as Uriflex G® Formulary  
Solution R – prescribe as Uriflex R® Formulary  
Somatropin Hospital only BNF 6.5.1
Sorafenib Specialist/ hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Sotalol Formulary BNF 2.4
Spironolactone Formulary BNF 2.2.3
Stanek® - cabidopa with entacapone and levodopa Formulary BNF 4.9.1
Stavudine Hospital only BNF 5
Sterculia Formulary BNF 1.6.1
Ster-Zac® Formulary  
Streptokinase Hospital only BNF 2.10
Streptomycin Hospital only BNF 5
Strontium ranelate Formulary BNF 6.6.2
Sucralfate Formulary BNF 1.3.3
Sugammadex Hospital only  
Sulfadiazine Hospital only BNF 5
Sulfasalazine Formulary - Shared Care

BNF 1.5.1, BNF 10.1.3

Sulpiride Formulary BNF 4.2.1
Sumatriptan (cluster headache) Formulary BNF
Sumatriptan injection & tablets (migraine) Formulary BNF
Sumatriptan intranasal preparations Formulary BNF
Sunitinib Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Sunsense® Ultra Formulary  
Suxamethonium chloride Hospital only  
Symbicort® Formulary  
Synalar 1 in 10® Formulary  
Synalar 1 in 4 dilution® Formulary  
Synalar® Formulary  
Syntometrine® Hospital only  
Tacalcitol (skin) Formulary  
Tacrolimus (renal) Hospital/specialist only (no new shared care patients from May 2018) BNF 8.2.2
Tacrolimus (skin) Formulary (specialist advice) BNF 13.5.3
Tadalafil oral Formulary BNF 7.4.4 following prostatectomy
Tafluprost Formulary BNF 11.6
Tafluprost + timolol Formulary BNF 11.6
Talimogene laherparepvec Specialist/ hospital prescribing only BNF 8.1.5
Tamoxifen Formulary BNF
Tamsulosin hydrochloride oral Formulary BNF 7.4.1
Tamsulosin + dutasteride oral Formulary BNF 7.4.1
Tamsulosin + solifenacin oral Formulary BNF 7.4.1
Tapentadol (prolonged release) Formulary BNF 4.7.2 Chronic Pain team recommendation
Targinact® Formulary BNF 4.7.2 Hospital initiation, then suitable for primary care prescribing
Tazarotene 0.05% gel Formulary  
Tegafur with uracil Hospital only BNF 8.1.3
Teicoplanin Hospital only BNF 5
Telaprevir Hospital only BNF 5 see NICE TA 252
Temazepam Formulary BNF 4.1.1
Temazepam (anaesthesia) Hospital only  
Temozolomide Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Tenecteplase Hospital only BNF 2.10
Tenofovir Hospital only BNF 5
Tenofovir + emtricitabine Hospital only BNF 5
Tenofovir+efavirenz+emtricitabine Hospital only BNF 5
Tensipine® Formulary BNF 2.6.2
Terbinafine (oral) Formulary BNF 5
Terbinafine 1% (skin) Formulary  
Terbutaline Formulary BNF
Terbutaline sulphate IV infusion Hospital only BNF 7.1.3
Teriflunomide Hospital only BNF 8.2.4
Teriparatide Hospital only BNF 6.6
Terlipressin Hospital only BNF 6.5.2
Testosterone propionate injection (Sustanon®) Formulary BNF 6.4.2
Testosterone undecanoate capsules (Restandol®) Formulary BNF 6.4.2
Tetrabenazine Formulary BNF 4.9.3
Tetracaine Formulary  
Tetracaine 4% gel Formulary  
Tetracaine minims Formulary BNF 11.7
Tetracosactide Hospital only BNF 6.5.1
Tetracosactrin Hospital only BNF 6.5.1
Tetracycline solution (skin) Formulary  
T-gel® Formulary  
Thalidomide Hospital only BNF 8.2.4
Theophylline (Brand name only) Formulary BNF 3.1.3
Thiacetazone Hospital only BNF 5
Thiamine tablets Formulary BNF 9.6.2
Thioguanine Hospital only BNF 8.1.3
Thiopental sodium Hospital only  
Thyrotropin alfa Hospital only BNF 6.5.1
Tiagabine Hospital only BNF 4.8.1
Tibolone Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Ticarcillin Hospital only BNF 5
Ticarcillin + clavulanic acid Hospital only BNF 5
Tick-bourne encephalitis vaccine Formulary  
Ticagrelor Formulary BNF 2.9
Tigecycline Hospital only BNF 5
Tildrakizumab Hospital only BNF 10
Timodine® Formulary  
Timolol (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Timolol + bimatoprost (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Timolol + brimonidine (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Timolol + brinzolamide (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Timolol + dorzolamide (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Timolol + latanoprost (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Timolol + tafluprost (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6 
Timolol + travoprost (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Tinzaparin Hospital only BNF 2.8.1 - Renal use only
Tioconazole 28% nail solution Formulary  
Tiotropium bromide (inhaled) - prescibe as preferred brand Formulary BNF 3.1.2
Tipranavir Hospital only BNF 5
Tirofiban Hospital only BNF 2.9
Tizanidine Formulary BNF 10.2.2
Tobramycin (eye) Hospital only BNF 11.3.1
Tobramycin injection Hospital only BNF 5
Tobramycin for inhalation NICE approved see NICE TA276
Tocilizumab (rheumatology) Hospital only BNF 10.1.3
Tofacitinib Specialist/ hospital only

BNF 10.1.3, BNF 1.5.3

Tolterodine tartrate Formulary BNF 7.4.2
Tolvaptan oral   Formulary BNF 6.5.2
Topiramate Formulary BNF 4.8.1
Topotecan Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Toujeo® - insulin glargine Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Trabectedin Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Tramadol hydrochloride Formulary BNF 4.7.2
Trametinib Specialist/ hospital prescribing only BNF 8.1.5
Tranexamic acid Formulary BNF 2.11
Trastuzumab Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Travoprost (eye) Formulary BNF 11.6
Trazodone Formulary BNF 4.3.1
Trelegy® Ellipta Formulary BNF 3.1.4
Treosulfan Hospital only BNF 8.1.1
Tresiba® Formulary BNF 6.1.1
Tretinoin Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Tretinoin + erythromycin solution Formulary  
Tretinoin 0.01% & 0.025% (skin) Formulary  
Tretinoin bleaching cream Community Dermatology Service Only  
Triamcinolone injection Specialist/ Hospital prescribing only BNF 6.3
Triclofos Formulary Prescribing initiated & reviewed by Paediatric Consultants
Triclosan 2% bath concentrate Formulary  
Triclosan 2% skin cleanser Hospital only  
Tridestra® Formulary BNF 6.4.1
Trifluoperazine Formulary BNF 4.2.1
Trifluridine–tipiracil   Hospital only BNF 8.1.3
Trihexyphenidyl hydrochloride Formulary BNF 4.9.2
Trimbow® Formulary BNF 3.1.4
Trimethoprim Formulary BNF 5
Trimovate® Formulary  
Tripotassium dicitratobismuthate Formulary BNF 1.3.3
Triptorelin injection Suitable for prescribing in primary care following specialist/hospital initiation BNF 6.7.2 and BNF
TriRegol® Formulary BNF 7.3.1 Not routinely stocked at RWHT
Trisodium citrate (Citralock®) Hospital only  
Tropicamide (eye) Formulary BNF 11.5
Trospium oral Formulary BNF 7.4.2
T-Safe 380A Quick Load® Formulary BNF 7.3.4
Tuberculin PPD (Mantoux) Formulary  
Tubifast beigeline Formulary  
Tubifast blueline Formulary  
Tubifast greenline Formulary  
Tubifast redline Formulary  
Tubifast yellowline Formulary  
Twinrix® Formulary  
Typherix® Formulary  
Typhim Vi® Formulary  
Typhoid vaccine polysaccharide Formulary  
Ulipristal acetate 30mg Formulary - restricted BNF 7.3.4
Umeclidinium bromide (Incruse® Ellipta device) Formulary BNF 3.1.2
Umeclidinium + vilanterol (Anoro® Ellipta device) Formulary BNF 3.1.4
Undecenoic acid (topical) Formulary  
Undecenoic acid (topical) Formulary  
Uniroid HC® Formulary BNF 1.7.2
Upostelle®  Formulary BNF 7.3.5 
Uriflex R® Formulary BNF 7.4.4
Uriflex S® Formulary BNF 7.4.4
Urokinase Hospital only BNF 2.10
Ursodeoxycholic acid Formulary BNF 1.9.1
Ustekinumab infusion/injection Hospital only NICE TA456
Ustekinumab Hospital only BNF 13.5.3
Uvistat® cream Formulary BNF 13.8.1
Vagifem® Formulary BNF 7.2.1
Valaciclovir Formulary BNF 5
Valganciclovir Hospital only BNF 5
Valproic acid Suitable for prescribing in primary care following specialist/hospital initiation  
Vancomycin (injection) Hospital only  
Vancomycin (oral) Formulary  
Vaniqa®  Formulary BNF 13.9 Use only under guidance of consultant dermatologist or endocrinologist
Varenicline Formulary 2nd line
Varicella-zoster immunoglobulin   Available from selected Public Health England and NHS laboratories 
Varicella-zoster vaccine(high potency) Formulary BNF 14.4 
Varicella-zoster vaccine Formulary - restricted prescribing BNF 14.4
Vasopressin Hospital only  
Vecuronium bromide Hospital only  
Vemurafenib Hospital only BNF 8.1.5
Venetoclax  Specialist/ hospital prescribing only  BNF 8.1.5
Venlafaxine oral Formulary BNF 4.3.4. Generic prescribing for standard and modified release tablets. Prescribed by brand (preferred brand in primary care is Vencarm XL) where modified release capsule required.
Venofer® Formulary  
Verapamil Formulary  
Verrugon® Formulary  
ViATIM® Formulary  
Vigabatrin Formulary  
Vigam® Hospital only  
Vinblastine Hospital only BNF 8.1.4
Vincristine Hospital only BNF 8.1.4
Vindesine Hospital only BNF 8.1.4
Vinorelbine Hospital only BNF 8.1.4
Viscotears® Formulary  
Vista-Methasone N® Formulary  
Vitalograph® peak flow meter Formulary  
Vitamin A oral solution (Arovit®) Formulary BNF 9.6.1
Vitamin B compound strong tablets Hospital only BNF 9.6.2 Refeeding syndrome only
Vitamin capsules Formulary BNF 9.6.7
Vitamin E suspension Formulary  
Volumatic® Formulary  
Voluven® Hospital only BNF Use on CCU
Voriconazole Hospital only BNF 5
Vortioxetine Formulary in line with NICE TA367 BNF 4.3.4
Warfarin Formulary BNF 2.8.2
Warticon Fem® Formulary  
Warticon® Formulary  
Water for Injection – 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 50ml & 100ml Formulary BNF 9.2.2
Wavesense Jazz test strips Formulary BNF 6.1.6
White soft paraffin Formulary BNF 13.2.1
White’s Tar ointment Formulary  
Xailin night®  Formulary BNF 11.8.1
Xalacom® Formulary  
Xulotrophy® Formulary BNF
Xylometazoline nasal drops Formulary BNF 12.2.1
Xyloproct® Formulary BNF 1.7.2
Yellow fever vaccine Specialist Centres only  
Yellow soft paraffin Formulary BNF 13.2.1
Zanamivir Formulary When influenza circulating in the community
ZeaSORB® Formulary  
ZeroAQS® Formulary  
Zerobase® Formulary BNF
Zerocream® Formulary BNF
Zeroderm® ointment Formulary BNF
Zerodouble® gel Formulary BNF
Zeroguent® cream Formulary BNF
Zerolatum® bath additive Formulary BNF
Zeroneum® bath additive Formulary BNF
Zeroveen® Formulary BNF 13.2.1 
Zidovudine Hospital only BNF 5
Zidovudine + lamivudine Hospital only BNF 5
Zinc and coal tar paste BP Formulary  
Zinc and ichthammol cream BP Formulary  
Zinc paste and ichthammol 15/2% bandage Formulary  
Zinc paste and ichthammol 6/5% bandage Formulary  
Zinc sulphate capsules 220mg Hospital only BNF 9.5.4
Zinc sulphate monohydrate 125mg effervescent tablets (Solvazinc®) Formulary BNF 9.5.4
Zineryt® Formulary  
Zoledronic acid Hospital only BNF 6.6.2
Zolmitriptan oral & nasal spray Formulary BNF
Zolpidem Formulary BNF 4.1.1
Zonisamide Formulary BNF 4.8.1 - Initiation and stabilisation by specialist, then suitable for GP prescribing
Zopiclone Formulary BNF 4.1.1
Zorac® Formulary  
Zuclopenthixol (oral) Formulary BNF 4.2.1
Zuclopenthixol decanoate injection Formulary BNF 4.2.2
Zuclopenthixol acetate -Clopixol acuphase® Hospital only BNF 4.2.1