Wolverhampton City Joint NHS Formulary

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Index 1: Section Index

Number Description Sub Index
Section 1

Gastro-Intestinal System

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Section 2

Cardio-Vascular System

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Section 3

Respiratory System

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Section 4

Central Nervous System

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Section 5

WCPCT, Management of Infection - Guidance for Primary Care 2007

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Section 6

Endocrine System

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Section 7

Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Urinary Tract Disorders

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Section 8

Cytotoxic Drugs

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Section 9

Nutrition & Blood

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Section 10

Musculoskeletal & Joint Diseases

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Section 11


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Section 12

Ear, Nose and Oropharynx

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Section 13


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Section 14

Immunilogical Products & Vaccines

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Section 15


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Palliative Care Palliative care  
Wound Care Wound Care  

Index 2: Section Index

Section 1: Gastro-Intestinal System

Section Description
BNF 1.1.1

Antacids and simeticone

BNF 1.1.2

Compound alginates and proprietary indigestion preparations

BNF 1.2

Antispasmodics and other drugs altering gut motility

BNF 1.3

Ulcer-healing drugs

BNF 1.3.1

H2-receptor antagonists

BNF 1.3.3

Chelates and complexes

BNF 1.3.4

Prostaglandin analogues

BNF 1.3.5

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs)

BNF 1.4.1

Adsorbents and bulk-forming drugs

BNF 1.4.2

Antimotility drugs

BNF 1.5

Chronic bowel disorders

BNF 1.6


BNF 1.6.1

Bulk-forming laxatives

BNF 1.6.2

Stimulant laxatives

BNF 1.6.3

Faecal softeners

BNF 1.6.4

Osmotic laxatives

BNF 1.6.5

Bowel cleansing solutions

BNF 1.7.1

Soothing haemorrhoidal preparations

BNF 1.7.2

Compound haemorrhoidal preparations with corticosteroids

BNF 1.7.4

Management of anal fissures

BNF 1.8

Stoma care

BNF 1.9.1

Drugs affecting biliary composition and flow

BNF 1.9.2

Bile acid sequestrants

BNF 1.9.4


Section 2: Cardio-Vascular System

Section Description
BNF 2.1.1

Cardiac glycosides

BNF 2.1.2

Phosphodiesterase inhibitors

BNF 2.2.1

Thiazides and related diuretics

BNF 2.2.2

Loop diuretics

BNF 2.2.3

Potassium-sparing diuretics and aldosterone antagonists

BNF 2.2.4

Potassium-sparing diuretics with other diuretics

BNF 2.2.5

Osmotic diuretics

BNF 2.2.8

Diuretics with potassium

BNF 2.3.2

Drugs for arrhythmias

BNF 2.4

Beta-adrenoreceptor blocking drugs


Treatment of Hypertension


Other measures to reduce cardiovascular risk

BNF 2.5.1

Vasodilator antihypertensive drugs

BNF 2.5.2

Centrally acting antihypertensive drugs

BNF 2.5.4

Alpha-adrenoreceptor blocking drugs


Angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors


Angiotensin-II receptor antagonists


Renin inhibitors

BNF 2.6.1


BNF 2.6.2

Calcium-channel blockers

BNF 2.6.3

Potassium-channel activators

BNF 2.6.4

Peripheral vasodilators and related drugs

BNF 2.7.1

Inotropic sympathomimetics

BNF 2.7.2

Vasoconstrictor sympathomimetics

BNF 2.7.3

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation

BNF 2.8.1

Parenteral anticoagulants

BNF 2.8.2

Oral anticoagulants

BNF 2.8.3

Protamine sulphate

BNF 2.9

Antiplatelet drugs

BNF 2.10.2

Fibrinolytic drugs

BNF 2.11

Antifibrinolytic drugs and haemostatics

BNF 2.12

Lipid-regulating drugs

BNF 2.13

Local sclerosants

Section 3: Respiratory System

Section Description
Misc 1

Management of chronic asthma in adults and children

Misc 2

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (C.O.P.D.)


Selective beta2 agonists


Other adrenoceptor agonists

BNF 3.1.2

Antimuscarinic bronchodilators

BNF 3.1.3


BNF 3.1.4

Compound bronchodilator preparations

BNF 3.1.5

Peak flow meters, inhaler devices & nebulisers

BNF 3.2


BNF 3.3.1

Cromoglicate and related therapy

BNF 3.3.2

Leukotriene receptor antagonists

BNF 3.4.1


BNF 3.4.2

Allergen immunotherapy

BNF 3.4.3

Allergic emergencies

BNF 3.5.1

Respiratory stimulants

BNF 3.5.2

Pulmonary surfactants

BNF 3.6


BNF 3.7


BNF 3.8

Aromatic inhalations

BNF 3.9.1

Cough suppressants

BNF 3.9.2

Expectorant and demulcent cough preparations

BNF 3.10

Systemic nasal decongestants

BNF 3.11   Antifibrotics

Section 4: Central Nervous System

Section Description
BNF 4.1.1


BNF 4.1.2


BNF 4.2

Drugs used in psychoses and related disorders

BNF 4.2.1

Antipsychotic drugs

BNF 4.2.2

Antipsychotic depot injections

BNF 4.2.3

Antimanic drugs

BNF 4.3

Antidepressant drugs

BNF 4.3.1

Tricyclic and related antidepressant drugs

BNF 4.3.3

Selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors

BNF 4.3.4

Other antidepressant drugs

BNF 4.4

CNS stimulants and other drugs used for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

BNF 4.5.1

Anti-obesity drugs acting on the GI tract

BNF 4.6

Drugs used in nausea and vertigo

BNF 4.7


BNF 4.7.1

Non-opioid analgesics

BNF 4.7.2

Opioid analgesics

BNF 4.7.3

Neuropathic and functional pain


Treatment of the acute migraine attack


Prophylaxis of migraine


Cluster headache

BNF 4.8.1

Control of epilepsy

BNF 4.8.2

Drugs used in status epilepticus

BNF 4.9.1

Dopaminergic drugs used in parkinsonism

BNF 4.9.2

Antimuscarinic drugs used in parkinsonism

BNF 4.9.3

Drugs used in essential tremor, chorea, tics and related disorders.

BNF 4.10

Drugs used in substance dependence

BNF 4.11

Drugs for dementia

Section 5: Wolverhampton City Primary Care Trust, Management of Infection - Guidance for Primary Care 2007




Clostridium difficile reduction strategy

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Lower Respiratory Tract Infections


Urinary Tract Infections

Gastro-Intestinal Tract Infections

Genital Tract Infections

Skin Infections

Eye Infections

Dental Infections

Section 6: Endocrine System

Section Description
BNF 6.1

Drugs used in diabetes

BNF 6.1.1



Hypodermic equipment

BNF 6.1.2

Oral antidiabetic drugs






Other antidiabetics

BNF 6.1.3

Diabetic ketoacidosis

BNF 6.1.4

Treatment of hypoglycaemia

BNF 6.1.5

Treatment of diabetic nephropathy and neuropathy

BNF 6.1.6

Diagnostic and monitoring agents for diabetes mellitus

BNF 6.2.1

Thyroid hormones

BNF 6.2.2

Antithyroid drugs

BNF 6.3


BNF 6.3.1

Replacement therapy

BNF 6.3.2

Glucocorticoid therapy

BNF 6.4.1

Female sex hormones



BNF 6.4.2

Male sex hormones and antagonists

BNF 6.5.1

Hypothalamic and anterior pituitary hormones & anti-oestrogens

BNF 6.5.2

Posterior pituitary hormones and antagonists

BNF 6.6

Drugs affecting bone metabolism

BNF 6.6.1

Calcitonin and teriparatide

BNF 6.6.2

Bisphosphonates and other drugs affecting bone metabolism

BNF 6.7

Other endocrine drugs

BNF 6.7.1

Bromocriptine and other dopaminergic drugs

BNF 6.7.2

Drugs affecting gonadotrophins

Section 7: Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Urinary Tract Disorders

Section Description
BNF 7.1.1

Prostaglandins and oxytocics


Ductus arteriosus

BNF 7.1.2


BNF 7.1.3

Myometrial relaxants

BNF 7.2.1

Preparations for vaginal atrophy

BNF 7.2.2

Vaginal and vulval infections

BNF 7.3.1

Combined hormonal contraceptives


Oral progestogen-only contraceptives


Parenteral progestogen-only contraceptives


Intra-uterine progestogen-only contraceptive

BNF 7.4.1

Drugs for urinary retention

BNF 7.4.2

Drugs for urinary frequency, enuresis, and incontinence

BNF 7.4.3

Drugs used in urological pain

BNF 7.4.4

Bladder instillations and urological surgery

BNF 7.4.5

Drugs for erectile dysfunction

Section 8: Cytotoxic Drugs

Section Description

Misc 1

Drugs for cytotoxic-induced side-effects

BNF 8.1.1

Alkylating drugs

BNF 8.1.2

Cytotoxic antibiotics

BNF 8.1.3


BNF 8.1.4

Vinca alkaloids and etoposide

BNF 8.1.5

Other antineoplastic drugs

BNF 8.2.1

Cytotoxic immunosuppressants

BNF 8.2.2

Corticosteroids and other immunosuppressants

BNF 8.2.3

Rituximab and alemtuzumab

BNF 8.2.4

Other immunomodulating drugs

BNF 8.3

Sex hormones and hormone antagonists in malignant disease

BNF 8.3.1


BNF 8.3.2



Breast Cancer


Prostate cancer and gonadorelin analogues


Somatostatin analogues

Section 9: Nutrition & Blood

Section Description
BNF 9.1.1

Iron-deficiency anaemias

BNF 9.1.2

Drugs used in megaloblastic anaemias

BNF 9.1.3

Drugs used in hypoplastic, haemolytic, and renal anaemias

BNF 9.1.4

Drugs used in platelet disorders

BNF 9.1.6

Drugs used in neutropenia

BNF 9.2.1

Oral preparations for fluid and electrolyte imbalance

BNF 9.2.2

Parenteral preparations for fluid and electrolyte imbalance


Plasma and plasma substitutes

BNF 9.3

Intravenous nutrition

BNF 9.4.1

Foods for special diets

BNF 9.4.2

Enteral nutrition


Calcium supplements


Hypercalcaemia and hypercalciuria



BNF 9.5.2


BNF 9.5.3


BNF 9.5.4


BNF 9.5.5


BNF 9.6.1

Vitamin A

BNF 9.6.2

Vitamin B

BNF 9.6.3

Vitamin C

BNF 9.6.4

Vitamin D

BNF 9.6.5

Vitamin E

BNF 9.6.6

Vitamin K

BNF 9.6.7

Multivitamin preparations

BNF 9.7

Bitters and Tonics

BNF 9.8.1

Drugs used in metabolic disorders

BNF 9.8.2

Acute porphyrias

Section 10: Musculoskeletal & Joint Diseases

Section Description
BNF 10.1

Drugs used in rheumatic diseases and gout

BNF 10.1.1

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

BNF 10.1.2

CorticosteroidsLocal Corticosteroid Injections

BNF 10.1.3

Drugs which suppress the rheumatic disease process

BNF 10.1.4

Gout and cytotoxic-induced hyperuricaemia

BNF 10.2.1

Drugs which enhance neuromuscular transmission

BNF 10.2.2

Skeletal muscle relaxants

BNF 10.3

Drugs for the relief of soft-tissue inflammation

BNF 10.3.1


NF 10.3.2

Rubefacients and other topical antirheumatics

Section 11: Ear

Section Description
Administering Eye Drops

Administering Eye Drops

BNF 11.3.1


BNF 11.3.2


BNF 11.3.3


BNF 11.4.1


BNF 11.4.2

Other anti-inflammatory preparations

BNF 11.5

Mydriatics and cycloplegics

BNF 11.6

Treatment of glaucoma

BNF 11.7

Local anaesthetics

BNF 11.8.1

Tear deficiency, ocular lubricants, and astringents

BNF 11.8.2

Ocular diagnostic and peri-operative preparations and photodynamic treatment

Section 12: Ear, Nose & Oropharynx

Section Description
BNF 12.1.1

Otitis externa

BNF 12.1.2

Otitis media

BNF 12.1.3

Removal of ear wax

BNF 12.2

Drugs acting on the nose

BNF 12.2.1

Drugs used in nasal allergy

BNF 12.2.2

Topical nasal decongestants

BNF 12.2.3

Nasal preparations for infection and epistaxis

BNF 12.3.1

Drugs for oral ulceration and inflammation

BNF 12.3.2

Oropharyngeal anti-infective drugs

BNF 12.3.3

Lozenges and sprays

BNF 12.3.4

Mouthwashes, gargles and dentrifrices

BNF 12.3.5

Treatment of dry mouth

Section 13: Skin

Section Description
BNF 13.1.2

Prescribing suitable quantities of dermatological preparations

BNF 13.1.3

Excipients and sensitisation

BNF 13.2.1



Emollient bath additives

BNF 13.2.2

Barrier preparations

BNF 13.3

Topical local anaesthetics and antipuritics

BNF 13.4

Topical corticosteroids

BNF 13.5.1

Preparations for eczema

BNF 13.5.2

Preparations for Psoriasis

BNF 13.5.3

Drugs affecting the immune response

BNF 13.6

Treatment of acne

BNF 13.7

Preparations for warts and calluses

BNF 13.8.1

Sunscreening preparations

BNF 13.8.2


BNF 13.9

Shampoos and some other scalp preparations

BNF 13.10.1

Antibacterial preparations

BNF 13.10.2

Antifungal preparations

BNF 13.10.3

Antiviral preparations

BNF 13.10.4

Parasiticidal preparations

BNF 13.10.5

Preparations for minor cuts and abrasions

BNF 13.11.1

Alcohols and saline

BNF 13.11.2

Chlorhexidine salts

BNF 13.11.3

Cationic surfactants and soaps

BNF 13.11.4

Chlorine and iodine

BNF 13.11.5


BNF 13.11.6

Astringents, oxidisers and dyes

BNF 13.11.7

Preparations for promotion of wound healing

BNF 13.12


BNF 13.13

Wound Management products

Section 14: Immunological Products & Vaccines

Section Description
BNF 14.4

Vaccines and antisera

BNF 14.5


BNF 14.6

International Travel

Section 15: Anaesthesia

Section Description
BNF 15.1.1

Intravenous anaesthetics

BNF 15.1.2

Inhalational anaesthetics

BNF 15.1.3

Antimuscarinic drugs


Anxiolytics and neuroleptics


Non-opioid analgesics


Opioid analgesics

BNF 15.1.5

Muscle relaxants

BNF 15.1.6

Anticholinesterases used in anaesthesia

BNF 15.1.7

Antagonists for central and respiratory depression

BNF 15.1.8

Drugs used for malignant hyperthermia

BNF 15.2

Local anaesthesia